The differences between Bridgerton season 3 and the book

The differences between Bridgerton season 3 and the book
The differences between Bridgerton season 3 and the book

There are many details about the love between Penelope and Colin that are not appreciated in the adaptation: the admiration that Colin feels for her, the torture of several days that he goes through as soon as he begins to notice that he is falling in love, their long conversations in which both of them violate each other and, of course, , the intimate moments. Yes, the series gives us that carriage scene, but there is much more to discover about this couple’s dynamic. For the hopeless romantics who have not read Seducing Mr. Bridgertonits pages will be pure gold, if you smiled from beginning to end with the series, the novel – I promise – will expand the experience.

Penelope’s journey of self-discovery

For now, only the first four episodes of Bridgerton season threeso we will have to wait to know if the arc of the character played by Nicola Coughlan. Beyond her love for Colin, Penelope’s motivation lies in finding her freedom, as she does not want to spend her days caring for her mother. However, in this search she realizes that behind the shy and withdrawn girl that everyone They know there is much more. She sums it up very well in a conversation she has with Lady Danbury, with whom she becomes a good friend (another detail that, I hope, the series rescues): “Isn’t it fantastic to discover that we are not exactly what we thought we were?”

The core of the story: Lady Whistledown’s identity

Along with the self-discovery of Penelope is what it means to her to be Lady Whistledown. It’s not just about writing a column that criticizes high society, to Penelopethis controversial writer is her alter ego: brave, daring and audacious, that is everything the young woman believes she is not, but it has always been there.

In addition to this, Lady Whistledown’s identity takes a very important place in the novel, it is the parallel nucleus to the Penelope and Colin’s relationship. When Lady Danbury offers a reward of a thousand pounds to whoever discovers the identity of the writer, events take an interesting turn, Penelope decides to withdraw her column from circulation when Colin begins to suspect Eloise, but she does not count on Cressida deciding to take Lady Whistledown’s place. to claim the prize (In the book, Cressida is a widow and her late husband did not give her a good financial position).

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