Milei will present her book with a “surprise” and gave explanations about the costs of the event

Milei will present her book with a “surprise” and gave explanations about the costs of the event
Milei will present her book with a “surprise” and gave explanations about the costs of the event


Javier Milei tomorrow he will present his book Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap with an event at Luna Park, the same place where he celebrated his first legislative victory in the 2021 midterm elections. The act, faithful to the profile of the libertarian leader, promises to be “disruptive” and include a “surprise”, which at these times at Balcarce 50 they keep like a secret under seven keys. One thing is certain, if the plans do not change, that surprise will come before the libertarian’s speech, which will be a prelude to what he will say in Córdoba, on Saturday, when he holds an open town hall meeting for the citizens and in response to the frustrated Pact of May that was left in stand by as the treatment of the Bases law in the Senate of the Nation was delayed.

In addition to the surprise and the president’s speech, this Wednesday at Luna Park there will also be room on stage for a chat room with the deputy José Luis Espertwith whom Milei has lunch every Tuesday at Casa Rosada and with whom she resumed her friendship at the end of last year, after a time at enmity.

The president’s book will be presented with a spectacular show, they define in the Casa Rosada. There, senior sources also explained THE NATION that the cost of renting Luna Park will be covered by a company to which from now on and until the total amount is covered, the Planeta publishing house will transfer the royalties from the book. The operation implies that Milei transferred the rights to the royalties until the invoice was covered and once that was settled, he will receive them again. The identity of the firm is being kept confidential for the moment and no details were given about it.

“How do we pay for Luna Park? The Planeta publishing house transfers the royalties to a company. It doesn’t cost the State a cent, like none of my other activities,” Milei said today in LN+. He did not specify the name or company name of the company and was not questioned either.

Javier Milei will present his book on May 22 at the Luna Park stadium

The organization of the event has taken several days, after Milei gave up presenting it at the Book Fair. In the midst of a strong controversy with the organizers, the president announced last April: “We are not going to present it at the Book Fair.” After which he detailed that his sister and general secretary of the Presidency, Karina Milei, was the one who carried out this negotiation and assured that there had been “a level of hostility towards me and our people that makes us suspect that there is an attempt to sabotage the presentation and do it in the Kirchnerist style, in a violent way, not something typical of the culture”. It was then that the possibility of doing it in Luna Park took shape.

Attendance is expected to be massive in the libertarian ranks and tickets are scheduled to be distributed starting at 4:30 p.m. in Plaza Roma, meters from the mythical Luna Park, and the event could begin at 6 p.m., although at the Casa Rosada there were who did not rule out that it would be delayed and start later and could extend until around 11 p.m.

It will be the president’s second public exhibition after his time in Spain. This Tuesday afternoon he plans to appear at the annual Congress of the Argentine Institute of Finance Executives and on Saturday he will do so in Córdoba, in which an open town hall is anticipated, an act that will replace the frustrated May Pact, in stand by until the Bases law is unlocked.

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