VIDEO: ”Mary, a masterpiece”, the book that covers the representations of the Virgin in History – Spanish Church

VIDEO: ”Mary, a masterpiece”, the book that covers the representations of the Virgin in History – Spanish Church
VIDEO: ”Mary, a masterpiece”, the book that covers the representations of the Virgin in History – Spanish Church

The Virgin Mary is the most represented woman in the history of Art. She appears in thousands of sculptures, mosaics and paintings.

María del Camino Viana is an art historian, pedagogue and museologist. Knowledge that she disseminates through social networks, the media, institutions and her book”María, a masterpiece”. It was an idea from Nueva Eva publishing house. As in all her facets, María del Camino seeks to “bring out the catechetical point of art.”

He believes that ”through art we can touch Mary” because, until the Avant-garde, ”art had a component of beauty.” Beauty, goodness and truth are the attributes of God, seen in the saints, and especially in Mary. ”The incarnate beauty that is Christ needs a temple tailored to it, That is why God chose the Virgin Mary.

”Everything where there is beauty is where God lives: nature, human qualities”

In the book he wants to bring us closer to the real person of the Virgin Mary through a series of works of art. María believes that society thirsts for beauty, not earthly, but for God. She covers many artistic styles, from the first representations in the 2nd century AD The styles depend on the societies, “and each one has been focusing on different representations.” That is why in the Middle Ages we find the Virgin enthroned as a queen or empress. ”In the Renaissance she will be a more humanized figure,” as she has gone through earthly sufferings. In the Baroque, the idea of ​​Mary queen of heaven, the Immaculate Conception, is defended.. ”The Virgin Mary is a prism that offers us different cawhere each one has a personal encounter.

Raquel Caldas has proposed several images from the book. First of all, ”The betrothal of the Virgin” (1504) by Rafael Sanzio. In a mathematical space a door appears in the background: the door to heaven to which marriage leads. It is not just a moment in the history of Mary and Joseph, “but a catechesis of what family is.” Mary appears in a red tunic, the color of martyrdom as will occur in later centuries, although she is surrounded by the blue mantle of heaven.

Also ”Michelangelo’s Pietà (1498-1499), with a calm face, because it is God’s will and he knows that there is hope. Miguel Ángel made it when he was 24 years old. He signs it on a part of the Virgin’s clothing. Religious sculpture shows how God makes man, with chisel and hammer, which causes pain within your will.

Also comment ”The Virgin of the Village” (1942) by Marc Chagall, a Jewish painter who represents Mary dressed as a bride, mystical wife of Christ and the Holy Spirit. She also the Orthodox, the ”Salus Populi Romani” (protector of the Roman people), whose authorship is linked to the evangelist Saint Luke. Pope Francis has special devotion to him because he is in Santa María la Mayor. An image of virgin Theotokos (throne of God) and in which he points to the Child Jesus.

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