A company rented Luna Park for up to $10 million for the presentation of Milei’s book and her musical show

After his visit to Spainwhere he participated in the presentation of his book and the “Europa Viva 24” event -organized by the far-right party Vox, the expenses of the activities of Javier Milei They remained in the eye of the discussion. Even more so, when the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorniconfirmed that the president will carry out the editorial launch from Luna Park this Wednesday, where he will also give a musical show.

The event for the presentation of “Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap” In the traditional Buenos Aires covered stadium, it is designed in two parts: the musical number and the exhibition of the work. As Milei himself explained, the rent would supposedly not cost the public administration any money, since it would be paid by a company.

After Milei’s tour, the Civic Coalition presented a project to prohibit the personal use of State aircraft

Authoritarians don’t like this

The practice of professional and critical journalism is a fundamental pillar of democracy. That is why it bothers those who believe they are the owners of the truth.

“How do we pay for Luna Park? The Planeta publishing house -who edits the book- transfers royalties to a company. It does not cost the State a cent, like none of my other activities,” the President said this Tuesday in dialogue with the signal The Nation+.

When asked by PERFIL, sources from the publishing house reported that on Wednesday afternoon they were “duly notified that the President of the nation Javier Milei, transfers the economic rights of his work” to a company that was not mentioned.

Milei’s presentation at Luna Park

As this media learned, the stadium rental It would have cost between 8 and 10 million pesosand the company in charge of doing so would have been DBN Discos (Belgrano Norte Distributor)recognized in the artistic environment and which has retail sales services, audiovisual production, distribution on digital platforms and digital marketing, among others.

“Distributes products from all companies: Sony BMG, EMI, Warner Music, Universal, among other. Starting in 1983, he began to incorporate his own products, including widely recognized artists at a national level”, informs the firm through its official website.

During May, Planeta published different editions of “Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap” and a part of the sale of these would be enough to cover the rental value. PERFIL tried to communicate with the DBN company on different occasions but, At the closing of this note, there was no response.

Controversy over Milei’s expenses

In addition to the performance of the show at Luna Park, the President was questioned for his recent trip to Spainwhere beyond the increase in diplomatic tension with his counterpart from that country, Pedro Sanchezwas criticized for the expenses of the activity, since it was not an official visit.

In the European nation, Milei presented the book “The Way of the Libertarian” and was one of the keynote speakers at the “Europa Viva 24” event, organized by Vox, opposition party to Sánchez. To move to that country and fulfill the invitations, he mobilized aboard the presidential plane ARG-01.

Faced with this situation, the radical deputy Karina Banfi This Tuesday he presented a note to Alejandro Melikhead of the Anti-Corruption Office (OA), to find out if the president’s visit to the Iberian nation whether or not it violates the Public Ethics Law.

“I require you to inform if you consider that a trip motivated by the aforementioned activities and financed wholly or partially with public funds complies with the requirements of austerity, of ensuring the public interest in particular and of refraining from using State facilities and services for private benefit“said Banfi.

Meanwhile, the deputies of the ARI Civic Coalition They presented a project in Congress to make the use of state aircraft and prohibit its personal and/or electoral use. The initiative seeks “promote responsible and austere use, ending with a consolidated practice of politics that uses these public resources discretionally”, according to what was indicated by Juan Manuel López, legislator of that space.


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