They publish a book “cursed, hidden, secret” by Stanislaw Lem

They publish a book “cursed, hidden, secret” by Stanislaw Lem
They publish a book “cursed, hidden, secret” by Stanislaw Lem

Among the deadthe second part of the trilogy Time not wasted of the Polish writer Stanislaw Lemwas recovered by the Spanish publisher Impedimenta, which republished it 65 years later that the author banned it, under the excuse that the communists “forced him to write it.” According to the publisher, this work is a “cursed, hidden, secret” text, which changes the vision of one of the key authors of European science fiction of the 20th century.

But, they clarified from Impedimenta, in reality what Lem (1921-2006) did was “describe in detail, crudely” his experience in the Holocaust on Ukrainian lands in World War II, where his entire family died and he had to live in hiding for three years posing as Armenian.

Readers in Spanish will be the lucky ones to enjoy this work again since, after 65 yearsonly Impedimenta will publish it.

Stanislaw Lem, as it was discovered in recent years, the publisher pointed out, dedicated a good part of his life to cover their “own tracks in relation to their war experiences.

The mark of the Holocaust

And the Polish he had to hide that he was Jewishas well as that he was a victim of the Holocaust in his hometown, Lviv, at the time of his birth, belonging to Poland.

Therefore, every time someone brought up the subject of the years he had to remain hidden during the Nazi invasion of Lviv, and of his memories of the war, his wife, Barbara, said: “Don’t talk to Stazek about this. Then he can’t sleep at night“.

Specific, Among the dead is narrated through two characters: Stefan Trzyniecki, Lem’s alter ego (who appears in the first part of the trilogy, The Transfiguration Hospital), and Karol Wilk, a young math genius who is caught up in the conflict and forced to hide in a workshop where only Jews work.

During the war, Lem was a member of the resistance. His closest family was saved from the Holocaust, but a good part of his relatives died in the pogroms of Lviv or executed in Belzec.

Lem’s work is crossed by a satirical and philosophical tone. His books are available in 40 languages ​​and are sold out. more than 27 million copies. He is considered one of the greatest exponents of the science fiction genre and one of the masters of that field.

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