The 10 best-selling books of the week

One week after the start of the Madrid Fair, fiction continues at the top The crack of silencethe closing of the new trilogy of Javier Castillo. Another best seller follows, Joel Dickerwith his new novel, A wild animal. And unbeatable classics from these weeks also continue, such as Eduardo Mendoza, Gabriel García Márquez either Paul Auster.

For its part, in non-fiction a whole phenomenon continues strongly, Marian Rojas Estapé, who releases book: Recover your mind, recapture your life. Share list with diverse Spaina demystifying historical essay by Eduardo Manzanoand with the new book of another self-help classic, Rafael Santandreuwhich launches Don’t make mountains of molehills. These are the 10 best-selling novels and essays of the week.


1. The crack of silence; Javier Castillo. Addition. ¤21.90 (Fiction)

2. Recover your mind, recapture your life; Marian Rojas Estapé. Espasa. ¤20.90 (Non-fiction)

3. A wild animal; Joel Dicker. Alfaguara. ¤23.90 (Fiction)

4. Baumgartner; Paul Auster. Six Barral. ¤20.90 (Fiction)

5. See you in August; Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Random House. ¤19.90 (Fiction)

6. Diverse Spain; Eduardo Manzano. Criticism. ¤24.90 (Non-fiction)

7. The child; Fernando Aramburu. Tusquets. ¤20.50 (Fiction)

8. The maid’s daughters; Sonsoles Ónega. Planet. ¤22.90 (Fiction)

9. Do not make mountains of molehills; Rafael Santandreu. Grijalbo. ¤20.90 (Non-fiction)

10. Seduction; Sara Torres. Reservoir Books. ¤18.90 (Fiction)


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A CORUÑA: Arenas. ALBACETE: Herso. ALMERÍA: Picasso. ÁVILA: Letters. BARCELONA: La Central, Alibri, Laie. BILBAO: Chamber. CÁCERES: TodoLibros. CÓRDOBA: The republic of letters. GIRONA: Geli. GUADALAJARA: Emilio Cobos. LEON: Artemis. LOGROÑO: Santos Ochoa. MADRID: Alberti, Casa del Libro, El Corte Inglés. MURCIA: Alameda. OVIEDO: Cervantes. PALENCIA: Iglesias. PALMA: The library of Babel. PAMPLONA: Abárzuza. SALAMANCA: Corsair Letters. SAN SEBASTIÁN: Lagun. SANTIAGO: Couceiro. SEVILLE: Verb TENERIFE: The lectern TOLEDO: White sheet. VALENCIA: Paris-Valencia. VALLADOLID: Oletvm. ZARAGOZA: Calamo

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