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In bookstores there is no section called “books to be an intelligent person”, but it is a fact that there are many books that can help you become one, since they can inspire you, teach you new things or even lead you to use your skills. cognitive skills, such as attention, memory and deduction skills, which are things that can help you in everyday life and even at work.


Reading is one of the habits that the most successful people in the world, and the brightest, share. It is a habit that works on memory, language skills and can even be a good nighttime ritual to help you sleep better, but it is also a habit that is connected to learning and being able to constantly update ourselves, so it is essential to develop intelligence, but also to become more successful and more interesting people.

Bill Gates, for example, says that reading is what keeps him updated, in addition to the fact that he has come across books that have inspired him and that even gave him great advice and tools to improve himself and be that technology giant that today we know.

And the best part is that you don’t need to read academic or history books to learn many things and to feed your mind and develop your intelligence, all kinds of stories and genres can help.

Five books to be an intelligent person and expand your mind


Author: Tara Westover

This book is an autobiography and tells a powerful and inspiring story, which makes it very clear that we all have the ability to develop, learn and grow, but to do so we must dare to leave our comfort zone and not stop searching. In the book, Tara Westover explains that she was 17 years old the first time she entered a classroom and that before that she lived with her family in the mountains, where her parents only taught her survival skills, but nothing about living in the world, to be able to improve oneself or to know the world.

Tara never went to the doctor, never watched television or read a book, but she began to educate herself and fight for her future. She found a way to go to college herself and feed her thirst for knowledge.


Author: Stephen King

Yes, this is a horror and suspense book (horror, science fiction and even comedies can help your brain), but it is also a book that makes you think, remember things, connect dots, deduce and activate your ability to solve problems, and with all that your mind becomes smarter.

The story follows private detective Holly Gibney, who has appeared in other Stephen King stories. Here, Holly is contacted by a woman who asks for her help to investigate the case of her daughter’s disappearance, after the police believe that She just ran away. Holly is not sure if the police are wrong, but the more she investigates, the more strange things she finds, she even discovers that this case could be connected to other mysterious disappearances that have happened in the same area, and that everything has a macabre explanation.

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