Daughter of immigrants dedicates book to her peasant parents – Telemundo 52

Daughter of immigrants dedicates book to her peasant parents – Telemundo 52
Daughter of immigrants dedicates book to her peasant parents – Telemundo 52

After several years of sacrifices and great efforts, Érica Alfaro finished her university studies. The woman wanted to celebrate this moment with the people who have supported her the most and wearing a cap and gown she posed smiling next to her parents, two migrant farmers, in the strawberry fields of Carlsbad.

Daughter of Claudio Alfaro and Teresa Herrera, two migrant farmers from Oaxaca who worked from dawn to dusk in the agricultural fields to give them a better life. She managed to be the first in her family to reach a university.

The photograph, taken with his parents after graduating with a master’s degree from San Diego State University, went viral.

“We are proud that she has realized her dreams,” said Claudio, Erica’s father. While her mother, Teresa Herrera, emphasized that “everything was worth it, the sacrifices that I made, that I was working in the field, it was worth it, and I feel very proud of her.”

But his desire to improve has not ended, starting today his book Harvesting Dreams will be on the shelves of the libraries of the city of Los Angeles in Spanish and English to motivate more young people to achieve their dreams.

“Let them study, that we are those people who have the ability to change our lives and that the power is in education. For me it was the ticket out of a life of poverty,” said Erica Alfaro.

Furthermore, she adds that despite coming from a family where her parents did not have the opportunity to learn to read and write, she feels very lucky because they taught her the most important thing in life, which is to fight for your dreams no matter where you come from and to do what you want. the difference in the lives of others.

“I am very happy that this book is in the Los Angeles bookstore. “This book is dedicated to my parents, and it is the story behind the photo that went viral,” Erica said.

If you would like to learn more about Erica Alfaro’s story, she will be this Saturday from noon to 2 pm at the Arroyo Seco Regional Branch Library.

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