This was the first day of the Popular Book Days Fair in Medellín

This was the first day of the Popular Book Days Fair in Medellín
This was the first day of the Popular Book Days Fair in Medellín

43 activities at the Piloto Public Library were carried out on Friday, May 24, on the first day of the Popular Book Days Fair in Medellín.

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“Very happy with what we are doing to celebrate, recognizing the neighborhood as a universe, as the epicenter of that ‘Common Heartbeat’ that is the theme of the Book Events this year and also very happy about the programming that we still have left Saturday and Sunday, here in Carlos E. Restrepo,” indicated Juan David Vélez, deputy director of Medellín Book Events.

With this type of events, the District Administration seeks to promote a public policy oriented towards reading, writing and orality, therefore, it is essential that these city events manage to captivate hundreds of people who year after year attend without fail.

On this first day, the conversations about the lived and imagined neighborhood, and the character creation workshops, miniatures of the city, comics, stories and reading aloud stood out. Likewise, the commercial exhibition with the 53 exhibitors in the cultural corridor is consolidated as a determining factor to strengthen the ecosystem of local bookstores and publishers.

For the Colombian writer Luis Miguel Rivas, the neighborhood can be “a conjunction of several elements, the neighborhood is a geography, the neighborhood is an architecture and the neighborhood is above all a way of being that crosses the other elements. It is a geography because each neighborhood is located in relation to the population patterns that that city has had. Each neighborhood has a way of having been inhabited, of having been built and that determines a previous history of those people who are in that neighborhood; either those who were born there or those who lived as pioneers and had their children.”

This weekend there is permanent programming in the Living Reading Garden from 2:00 in the afternoon to 8:00 at night; Meanwhile, the Cuentódromo will be available from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Also, the celebration of the 13 years of the Cultural Center of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia and the exhibitions that are located within the Pilot Public Library.

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