Bill Gates recommends the 4 books (and a series) you should read (and watch) this summer

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the most influential men in the world, as you well know, is a voracious reader. The billionaire, who currently occupies the position of the ninth richest person on the planet, never keeps his favorite books to himself and often shares his recommendations on his social networks and on his own. newsletter.

The businessman and philanthropist, who was recently in India to attend the pre-wedding of tycoon Antan Ambani and Radhika Merchant, took time to visit the country and participate in various social projects, recognizing the crucial role that communities play in mutual aid , a topic that has inspired his latest reading list. In the publication in which he shares this selection (which includes a television series) on his website, the technology guru acknowledges having found a “common thread between all of them”: the idea of ​​being useful to others.

4 books (and a series) that will change the way you think, according to Bill Gates

1. How To Know a Personby David Brooks

David Brooks, bestselling author of New York Timesaddresses the need to promote deeper connections with those around us, helping them feel recognized and taken into account. Brooks, whose books The path of character and The second mountain (you can find these two already published in Spanish) have topped several hit lists, he states in How To Know a Person A practical and sincere guide that draws on the fields of psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, history and education to encourage readers to be more understanding and considerate of others and to participate in all the good that comes from these links. According to Bill Gates, it is “more than a guide to improving conversations; it is a blueprint for having a more connected and human life.”

2. women of warby Kristin Hannah

Set during the Vietnam War, this exciting book tells the story of the protagonist, Frances McGrath, a US Army nurse, who goes from serving on a cruel and bloodthirsty front to returning home with a angry anti-war sentiment. In Gates’ words, women of warby Kristin Hannah, “is a beautiful tribute to a group of veterans who deserve to have the incredible sacrifices they made truly taken into account.”

3. Slow Horses, from Apple TV+

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