from the Hogwarts letter to the Marauder’s map

To talk about Harry Potter, we know that it is to talk about one of the most powerful film sagas of all time. Based on the novels by JK Rowling, it is already part of cinema history and could be said to have created its own genre.

The harry potter fans They have all kinds of information about the saga, about Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the characters, about Hogwarts and all its ins and outs, about spells, magic, potions and formulas. The range of products that has been expanding the universe of Potter and his friends is almost endless and has all kinds of options: puzzles, electronic chess, LEGO Harry Potter figures of all kinds, board games, Funkos, mugs, clothing , backpacks, school and office supplies…the repertoire is very wide.

Due to all this, the demanding fandom of the saga may think that there is nothing that can surprise them anymore and that they know everything about their favorite characters, but they may get more than one surprise…there are books that delve into the world magical Harry Potter to bring to light all its secrets and unpublished material.


This is the case of the updated version of the book “The Treasures of Harry Potter”. A gem for collectors that will make its admirers enjoy the lesser-known parts and the most mysterious aspects of the saga.

The Treasures of Harry Potter – Updated Edition

This updated edition of “The Treasures of Harry Potter” has more than 300 positive reviews on Amazon and users give it one of the highest scores for books inspired by film sagas: a 4’8 out of 5. Furthermore, it is now reduced 5%.

DOME BOOKS The treasures of Harry Potter. Updated edition

This book “The Treasures of Harry Potter” allows readers to enter the magical world of the spectacular Harry Potter film saga. It is a updated edition that delves into the Battle of Hogwarts and other moments from the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It has two new extras: a map of the Hogwarts castle and a Ministry of Magic poster.

updated harry potter treasure book

The fidelity of this work is also guaranteed because the cast and crew that brought JK Rowling’s acclaimed novels to the big screen have collaborated in its preparation. Thanks to the Unpublished photographs and illustrations, secrets and exclusive stories told by their own protagonists, readers can be transported to the Potter universe.

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Its interior is full of reproductions of objects and memorabilia from the movies, like an acceptance letter to Hogwarts or a spectacular replica of the Marauder’s map, which offers a privileged view of the perfect saga for those who want to know all the details and mysteries.

Has 172 pages, is from Editorial Planeta and is in Spanish. It is recommended from 17 years. It is the perfect and essential book to have in any fan’s collection and say with pride and loudly: “Yes, I am a Harry Potter geek and very honored”.

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