The best books by authors in Spanish to buy at the Book Fair: from Luis Mateo Díez to Sabina Urraca through César Aira

The best books by authors in Spanish to buy at the Book Fair: from Luis Mateo Díez to Sabina Urraca through César Aira
The best books by authors in Spanish to buy at the Book Fair: from Luis Mateo Díez to Sabina Urraca through César Aira

Some of the best books by authors who write in Spanish that have been published during this month of May 2024

Between Sant Jordi’s Day and the Madrid Book Fair, which will start in the capital on Friday, a large number of new developments are concentrated, especially in Spanish.

Thus, we witness new works of established authorsas is the case of Manuel Vincent and the recent winner of the Cervantes Prize, Luis Mateo Díez. We also find a good number of novels written by women: Soledad PuértolasMaría Ganza, Rosa Jiménez, África Alonso, Núria Pérez, Clara Uson or Sabina Urraca.

An effervescent spring panorama in which we find all genres and a whole series of views that take us from the reality to surrealism passing through autobiography and stories that look to the past or present to understand our time.

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‘The forgotten novel in the engineer’s house’, by Soledad Puértolas (Anagrama)

The veteran Soledad Puértolas, Planet Award in 1989 with the night remainsimmerses us in a narrative mechanism that contains a history inside another story through a gear that fits to perfection. A young adult novel writer will receive a manuscript found by a friend in a country house where an engineer lived. From that moment on, the author will propose a mirror game through various voices to give life to that forgotten novel to which the title refers.

‘The master of the track’, by Luis Mateo Díez (Anagrama)

The last Cervantes Prize returns to its imaginative universe In this new work that once again refers to the fable as a way of telling the world we live in. A disoriented young man who does not know what to do with his life will be subjected to the will of a man who will become a figure of authority tyrannical A novel about the power of handling and the fascination with the mystified.

‘A handful of arrows’, by María Gainza (Anagrama)

A book in which the artthe literature and the lifein which it appears Francis Ford Coppolaa watercolor of Cezanne, Robert AltmanThoreau, the sculpture of María Simón and a cursed painting of Titian. A whole melting pot of references that make up a narrative halfway between fiction and essay as original as it is full of ideas stimulants.

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‘The nine kingdoms’, by Santiago Díaz (Alfaguara)

The person responsible for Talion either The good fatherembarks on a historical novel in the shape of a large epic which focuses on an unknown episode in the history of Spain that takes us back to the 1st century BC when a group of african prisoners They mutinied on the Roman ship where they were and disembarked in the Tenerife islandcreating there a isolated civilization of the world that lasted 1,500 years until the time of the Catholic kings. A story of betrayals, sacrifices and forbidden passions about the guanche resistance to the Crown of Castile.

‘A particular story’, by Manuel Vicent (Alfaguara)

The famous Valencian writer author of works such as They are from sea either Tram to Malvarrosareturns with an autobiographical story that takes us back to his childhood through an innocent look that remembers those first times and experiences through fragments in which imagination and ‘autofiction’ to talk about the intimate and collective past.

‘El limo’, by Rosa Jiménez (Tusquets)

The writer composes a story about the youth that squeezes the nights in the discotheque of a town in the middle of songs and alcohol. Two friends will have a strong argument and that moment will mark their lives forever, settling between them the resentment and the blame.

‘Being from Outside’, by Raquel Delgado (Sexto Piso)

Journalist Raquel Delgado debuts with this collection of stories as mini stories about everything that we would discard from our social networks, in which ‘posture’ and the pretense of what is actually everyday life prevail. A way to get closer to the true identity when no one sees us through stories that talk about family, friendshipwork, love and maternity.

‘You won’t touch’, by Nuria Pérez (Salamandra)

The author of the podcast The Cabinet of Curiosities debuts in fiction through a work told in three stages through the story of three women who live in different times and spaces through which a series of connections. A novel full of detailsof references to the popular culturery that exudes great sensitivity.

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‘El celo’, by Sabina Urraca (Alfaguara)

One of those novels destined to become an immediate classic and that reveals a personality sweeping narrative and visceral. The story of a ‘human’ and one ‘bitch‘ to which jealousy comes and its Animal instinct He only asks her to mate, while her new owner is completely anesthetized after one traumatic relationship. A novel about traumaabout him desire or the absence of it, about silence and the cursed inheritance.

‘Minor Drunk’, by Sofía Balbuena (Trojan Horse)

Precisely within this collection that Sabina Urraca supervises, we find this work by the Argentine Sofía Balbuena in which she reflects on the addictions in the contemporary era through the social habits that push us to drown our problems in drink in order to anesthetize ourselves. Halfway between personal experience and the sociological reflection that brings light around some taboos.

‘Mother with an atomic heart’, by Agustín Fernández Mallo (Seix Barral)

He was one of the fundamental members of the Afterpop Generation thank you for your great success Nocilla Dream. She now publishes a novel (which is called like an album of pink floyd) and which is part of a series of memories regarding your progenitoralready deceased and who was vet and moved 20 cows from Toronto to Spain on a cargo plane. Or, at least, that was what he always told him, until the author himself discovered that, in reality, they were pigs. That gives rise to a novel about memoryOver the memorieswhich swings between reality and the dreamlike that takes us through a good part of the history of our country.

‘The Timid Light’, by Àfrica Alonso (Seix Barral)

Based on a theatrical successthe author recovers in novel format the true story of Isabel, a young teacher who ends up in a small town in Valencia during the years of the Francoism. There will fall in love of other woman, who works as a literature teacher. An history about love against the conventions of the time that speaks of the taboos of the homosexualityd, considered a mental illness.

‘Write a silence’, by Claudia Piñeiro (Alfaguara)

The great Argentinian authora, responsible for works such as Thursday’s widows either The time of fliescompiles for the first time his stories of non-fiction in this volume written for years in different media, among them, Infobae. Very personal texts that talk about family, childhood, motherhood, literature itself, the act of writing and also politics, including its speech in favor of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Law.

‘Telluric Tales’, by Rodrigo Cortés (Random House)

After the novel The extraordinary years and of Verbatimthe writer and also filmmaker (responsible for titles such as Buried), composes a mosaic of stories that appeal to the most unleashed spirit of fiction through its immersive prose. A volume to enjoy with language and also with a series of stories that swing between humorhe absurd and the Magic.

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‘Autophagy’, by Alaíde Ventura Medina (Random House)

He woman body is placed in the foreground in this novel by the Argentine writer who uses the metaphor of devouring itself to talk about violence structural, fear and the power games to which the female gender is subjected. A novel that disturbs and stirs and that becomes a tremendous visceral burst that tests our limits.

‘In Thought’, by César Aira (Random House)

The great (and almost unfathomable) Argentine writer composes a initiation noveln that takes us back to his childhood and in which he displays his usual imagination and which is located in The Pampa, in a remote place where El Pensamiento is located, a couple of streets and houses built around a train station. The narrator will talk about this place and the days he spent there, in that Rural environment lost in which the real is transmuted and revolves around unexpected events.

‘The beasts’, by Clara Usón (Seix Barral)

The Catalan author recovers a story lost during the dirty war between ETA and the GAL that relates to two womena terrorist known as The tigress and that of a teenager who is looking for her place in the world in that Basque Country burdened by the violence and whose father is an old-school police officer who is involved in the GAL.

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