Launch of Salzano Collection, to enjoy its stories and characters again

No writer identified with Córdoba as much as Daniel Salzano. The author of The city’s greatest swordsman He knew how to describe his characters, his neighborhoods and his bars with just the right doses of grace and nostalgia that the city of churches and students demanded of a writer who sought to fuse reality and dreams in the same mold.

For this reason it is logical that the first volume of the collection that is relaunched The voice be titled Salzano and Córdoba. It will be available in newsstands from this Tuesday, May 28. The next volumes will be released every 15 days. In this order: On June 11, Salzano and art. June 25th, Salzano and sport. And on July 9, Salzano and the world. The books also contain some drawings by Juan José Delfini, Salzano’s favorite illustrator.

Double tribute

The collection is republished within the framework of the 120 years of the newspaper’s founding and coincides with the 10 years of Salzano’s death, which occurred on December 24, 2014. It is then a double tribute.

However, what undoubtedly interests readers is the experience of immersing themselves in the vignettes of a writer who was capable of tracing a whole world of evocations and sensations with a few brush strokes.

In Salzano and Córdobaalready the first text – the famous “Bar Unión”, which Jairo transformed into an unforgettable song – proposes a fantasy of a meeting between a sad woman and a lonely man in that mythical bar in the center of the city of Córdoba, which has long since disappeared. of two decades.

This atmosphere of melancholic romance is transformed into a tender evocation of Christmas in childhood in the following text, titled “Manger.” The emotional memory is projected to the other writings and composes page after page a kind of sentimental puzzle of a city that may have ceased to exist in the names of its businesses, its bars and its characters, but that somehow remains in the words and you can reconstruct it by closing your eyes.

Thus, for example, in “Silos”, Salzano writes: “They have taken the Mill silos ahead of them. That can mean several things in the name of the future, but it is also a piece of Córdoba that is dying. Nobody knows very well if the silos were useful for anything or if disuse had transformed them into pompous piggy banks of the past.”

List of titles:

List of titles in the collection.
Daniel Salzano. Recovecos Editions. 172 pages Available in newsstands from May 28. Price: $9,900. (illustration by Juan Delfini)
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