‘The wealth that money cannot buy’, Robin Sharma’s new book: read the first chapter

‘The wealth that money cannot buy’, Robin Sharma’s new book: read the first chapter
‘The wealth that money cannot buy’, Robin Sharma’s new book: read the first chapter

Robin S. Sharma has become one of the best-sellers in self-help thanks to her unique ability to connect with readers and convey powerful, life-changing messages in an accessible and thought-provoking way. He has written several texts on the subject, but it was The 5 in the Morning Club, from 2018, that catapulted him to world fame.

His practical approach and inspiring advice have resonated with millions of people around the world. So much so that the Colombian singer J Balvin, once he finished reading The Wealth That Money Can’t Buy, his most recent book, shared his experience as a reader on his networks: “The work developed by Robin Sharma has been of invaluable help to me.” ”.

In his most recent book, Sharma invites us to reflect on the true meaning of wealth and success in our lives. Through a combination of stories, practical advice, and deep reflections, the author guides us on a journey toward personal fulfillment and emotional well-being.

One of the central points of the book is the idea that true wealth is not measured only in material terms, but also in our ability to cultivate meaningful relationships, live with purpose, and contribute to the world in positive ways.

Sharma reminds us of the importance of developing healthy habits, such as gratitude, resilience and authenticity, which are essential to achieving a full and satisfying life. Additionally, he encourages us to pursue excellence in all areas of our lives, from our professional careers to our personal relationships and physical and mental well-being.

The Wealth That Money Can’t Buy is a powerful book that challenges us to rethink our priorities. It is an inspiring read that encourages us to find happiness in the meaningful things in life.

Robin Sharman’s message to his readers

I am writing this note to you from the country house where I live. Through the window of the room where I work I see an olive grove, vineyards and an immense fog that floats above the hills, which seem to reach the sky. I wish you were here with me to tell you in person everything I want to share about how to enrich your life. Maybe we can do it in the future. We’ll see.

My sincere hope as you progress through this book, which I have written to help you live the highest version of the best vision you have for your life, is to gain your trust as you turn the pages.

And become your partner, friend and mentor. I humbly and sincerely thank you for believing in the value of the ideas you are about to discover about how to lead an existence filled with true success and real wealth, not the false version that has been programmed into too many good people. I hope that this book that I have worked so hard on will help you fill your life with much more beauty and happiness, value and relationships, as well as with limitless inner peace.

Please note that my philosophy on what constitutes a fulfilling human life, on which this work is based, is very different from that of other personal development books. I only ask that you keep an open mind as we move through its pages and values ​​​​if the information is valuable based on the real results it offers you day after day.

Very good. Let us begin. Many know the story of a boy who spends his afternoons in the countryside watching the sun set behind a perfect house, with windows that look like gold, located on a distant hill. He is obsessed with the idea of, someday, in the future, going to see that place and, hopefully, living there. That would give him the happiness he longs for.

One day, when he is a little older, he decides to do
your dream comes true. Travel for many days and even long
nights, and survives only thanks to the kindness of strangers who encourage him to continue walking when they learn of his desire to see the perfect house with windows of pure gold.
Finally, exhausted, the boy reaches his destination. But, of course, it’s not at all what he saw. What he finds is not a perfect house, but a dilapidated barn. And the windows are not of pure gold, but of old, dirty and cracked wood. He realizes that, from afar, the barn’s elevated position on the hill had created an optical illusion: the sun’s rays on the windows made them look like precious metal. But what he had seen from a distance was a lie.

Oh, what a world we live in! We are taught to calculate whether we have succeeded by the amount of money we have, the size of the assets we own, and whether we have dedicated our best days to pursuing fame, fortune, and influence.

This makes many of us, deep down, feel bad about our lives, sad about ourselves, and angry that the dreams we once had so much faith in have been destroyed and have died silently as the We have been replacing the stress of life and human cares with adult responsibilities.

Money is important, of course. Having a reasonable amount allows us to lead an easier life, live it our way and do good things for the people we love. Having enough money opens more windows of possibilities and doors to choose from. But money is just one form of wealth.

There are actually seven other ways that I would like you to focus on so that you can achieve a life that you feel is truly rich, deeply alive, and everything you ever hoped it would be. I will tell you about them, as well as a powerful method, with all my enthusiasm, as we move forward together.

Sometimes we spend so much time looking at what others have that we forget the good things we have. And I’m not just talking about material things. I am referring rather to the fundamental elements of a beautifully lived human life. Those that we so easily overlook in this fast-paced, overly complex and always messy world in which you and I find ourselves. Things that may seem unimportant now, but when you are in the last hour of your last day, you see with complete clarity that they are the most important.

One of the reasons I wrote The Wealth that the
money cannot buy it is because many people suffer in
all the planet. They suffer thinking and feeling that they don’t have enough. Enough money. Sufficient material goods. Enough likes, followers and social status. This in turn causes what in my work as a mentor I call “the suffering of not feeling
worthy”. Too many of us have the deep feeling that we don’t matter, that we haven’t achieved success, and that our lives are too small compared to the lives we are told are perfect and great.

The truth is that you are absolutely, uniquely and undeniably enough. You have many gifts, talents and kindness. And a lot to be grateful for right now. But many of us feel a kind of hole inside of us. And therein lies the trap: we stubbornly strive to look for things and more external things with which to fill that hole. We tell ourselves that one day, when we have a lot of money, cool cars, cool clothes, and an online following, we will wake up and magically feel good. And we will be happy forever.

​But you and I know that day will never come, because nothing from the outside world will ever make you feel better inside. As the Zen proverb confirms: “You are who you are wherever you go.”

And what is the solution? Very simple: understand that what you pursue in that collective quest to climb the mountain of success (that society has trained us to climb) will not lead you to real success, because reaching the top of the mountain
of money feeling empty, alone and unhappy is not winning. It’s losing.
Don’t be like the boy in the story I told you, who pursues an ideal and in the end discovers that it was a lie.



The daily habit of self-improvement The wealth within you, your essence, is your kingdom.

first form of wealthGrowth / Brief summary

Becoming all you can be is a prize far more valuable than anything money can buy. Personal mastery is a value that will make you truly rich. And your smartest investment is to become all you can be.

Analyzing the fears you haven’t faced, freeing yourself from the limitations that sabotage you, venturing into unknown realms of your innate potential, and knowing how wise, strong, talented, resilient, and loving you are will bring more magic to your life than all the rest. fame, fortune and worldly success that a person could have.

Inner growth and daily personal development are very real forms of wealth, although our society does not often value them. In our time, the one who appears on the covers is the great billionaire financier, and the one who is placed on a pedestal is the famous sports superstar, not the person whose priority has been to achieve a pure mind and a big heart, to forge a strong character and develop a high spirit.
For me, winning within myself is much more important than winning in the world. The first is durable. The second is ephemeral. But just because our culture doesn’t put self-improvement and realizing your natural faculties and primary talent at the top of the list of the most important things to live well doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. In fact, you should.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The only demons in the world are those that live within us. That is where we must fight the battle. And believe me: as soon as you understand the value of deepening your growth
personal, everything will change for you, because a brilliant outer life begins with a beautiful inner life. And you will never be able to create, produce, prosper or taste anything greater than yourself. Well, my new friend, let’s analyze together the first form of wealth.

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