‘Hablagente’ arose by chance, from my chaos, and I am happy

‘Hablagente’ arose by chance, from my chaos, and I am happy
‘Hablagente’ arose by chance, from my chaos, and I am happy

The Ecuadorian journalist and writer Francisco ‘Pájaro’ Febres Cordero presents his new book ‘Hablagente’, a compilation of profiles and interviews.

With the theatricality that characterizes him, Francisco ‘Pájaro’ Febres Cordero He speaks passionately about his most recent book ‘Speaker’a compilation of profiles, chronicles and interviews published in his several decades of journalistic career.

‘Speaker’ is presented this Wednesday, August 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the FLACSO Auditorium (Calle La Pradera and Av. Diego de Almagro, in Quito), with a conversation between the author and Xavier Bonilla ‘Bonil’.

Before, in an interview with PRIMICIAS, ‘Pájaro’ shares details about the process to create this book of exciting stories; he talks about the secrets of the interview, a journalistic genre that fascinates him; his relationship with the reader and his life at 74 years old.

‘Hablagente’, a book that emerges from chaos

Francisco Febres Cordero defines himself as disordered, chaotic, visceral“not intellectual.”

He speaks as he writes, with rhythm, with passionwith marked expressions on his face, which are not enough and then he uses his hands and his body that stretches and shrinks.

This is how he tells how it came about ‘Speaker’. While he was looking for something among old boxes, he found texts that did not deserve to be forgotten.

“This book not only has a taste of nostalgia if not you have that flavor of journalism“says the author of titles such as ‘The Excellent One’, ‘Pajarerías’, ‘I’m the One Who Could’, among others.

In ‘Hablagente’ the questions were eliminated and stories come like tales, real, but fantastic. Between the characters highlight ‘Toty’, ‘Quino’, ‘Atahualpa’ and several more in 317 pages that unleash curiosity and desire for more.

How does Francisco Febres Cordero get people to talk? The Ecuadorian writer defines the interview as: “a wander through the soulsto bring out the hidden secrets of people and their memories, that life that is sometimes surprising, other times rewarding, other times sad.”

Three secrets of the interview, by ‘Pájaro’ Febres Cordero

Francisco Febres Cordero says never think about the reader while writing. “The reader has always been that anonymous, faceless being for me,” she explains.

He writes and interviews out of passion, curiosity, desire. “Desire to catch the right wordgive it the rhythm based on an adjusted score”.

With that precision, ‘Pájaro’ shares Your three secrets for conducting an interviewthat also could be applied to conversationsto make them less everyday, more memorable:

“It is a prior conversation with the interviewee, where there is what football would call a warm-up rally. Then you gain trust with the interviewee, creating the atmosphere.”

“Another thing that is very important is silence. It is not that harassing question that you put on the ropes for the interviewee to answer. It is a space where silence weighs. It is a silence of respect, of observation.”

“The interviewee sometimes says things that the interviewer did not imagine and those things can happen very quickly, but if the interviewer is attentive, he can take an unexpected turn that enriches him and enters some segments of the person that may be unusual.”

Every life, a story

Close nobody is normal? Francisco ‘Pájaro’ Febres Cordero is far from ‘normal’. Among his answers about the new book he misses saying that he hates the word ‘meditation’ and that he hates yoga.

He avoids saying why, but even if he rejects yoga and meditation, He is living a stage of contemplative life. “I’ve learned to waste time,” says the writer with a satisfied smile.

Dedicated to reading, home gardening in the spaces that his wife and his limited knowledge of the trade allow, ‘Bird’ remains informed, continues telling stories, continues writing, continues flying.

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