A professor and computer engineer has published a free book with which to learn cybersecurity

A professor and computer engineer has published a free book with which to learn cybersecurity
A professor and computer engineer has published a free book with which to learn cybersecurity

Doctor in computer engineering from UNED and founder of the online teaching company DarFe, Corletti Estrada offers a 313-page book on cybersecurity completely free of charge, only in exchange for identifying yourself with an email. This is only the last of the books that this computer expert has published openly, since he has four other books also available for free on his website, in addition to articles and other freely accessible resources. In addition to being a popularizer, Corletti is a former member of the Argentine Army and a consultant for companies on computer security issues.

Other of his published titles are: “Resilience Manual: A practical guide to Cyberresilience in Networks and IT Systems” (2020), “Cybersecurity, a computer/military strategy” (2018), “Network Security” or “Security By levels”. The one he just published follows the path that he has followed in the first 50 videos of the course “Learning cybersecurity step by step”, which he has been publishing on his YouTube channel.

As their company’s LinkedIn profile states, “at DarFe we aim to make our knowledge in Cybersecurity reach the largest possible audience completely FREE of charge”, therefore, from their website they publish various content on learning cybersecurity freely for your download, with content that can go through OpenSSL, Kali Linux, Wireshark, Snort, LAN network hierarchy, 5G or the TCP/IP model, among many others.

The one he has just published becomes, therefore, the fifth free book that Estrada publishes from his company: «This book methodologically collects training that, together with the YouTube videos, represents a highly complete block of studies. From theory to detail as practical cases that you can apply directly on your computer », he shared in a post on YouTube.

His channel has almost 11,000 subscribers, and it is possible to access classes, webinars or talks.

A free guide to enter the sector

In this way, students or curious people who prefer written documents instead of videos to learn, will be able to access a guide with which to learn more essential cybersecurity concepts in PDF format. “You have all the images, comments, doctrine, references, and all the sources from which you can download all the information,” indicates the professor about the content of the book.

Although it is necessary to enter an email to access the book, from their website they indicate that if you want it to be deleted from their systems, it is possible to do so by sending a communication to DarFe’s email. It is also possible to purchase several books in printed format. According to the company, its courses have more than 12,500 students.

It is interesting to review the free access materials available on the Internet, not only to be able to continue a learning routine while saving as much as possible, but to promote open culture and the development of open knowledge through the Internet.

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