LID Editorial publishes Influencia online, a new essential book for digital marketing

LID Editorial presents “Online Influence”, a work developed by Bas Wouters and Joris Groen, with the collaboration of Pilar Bringas, which offers a practical and rigorous guide to apply the principles of persuasion in the digital environment.

The book “Online Influence” not only provides a scientific explanation of the principles of persuasion, but also emphasizes the importance of an ethical approach in its application. The work highlights the relevance of creating an emotional connection with customers, generating trust and offering a personalized experience to turn them into loyal promoters of a brand. Based on the findings of leading behavioral scientists such as Robert Cialdini, BJ Fogg, and Daniel Kahneman, the book reveals effective strategies to capture the attention of your online audience and transform abandonments into valuable registrations.

The authors have structured the content so that readers understand every step of the online customer journey, from intelligently designing ads and landing pages to optimizing forms and checkout processes. “Online Influence” includes more than 30 success story examples and more than 100 illustrations that show best practices and common mistakes, providing a clear and applicable overview for professionals in various fields.

This book is aimed at business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing executives, business managers, e-commerce specialists, web and user experience (UX) designers, copywriters and graphic designers. Anyone looking to increase their influence in the online environment will find this work a valuable resource.

The authors of “Online Influence” are recognized experts in their respective fields. Bas Wouters, trained in behavioral psychology by Dr. Robert Cialdini, is co-founder and CEO of the Cialdini Institute of Influence. Joris Groen, a psychologist specialized in translating human sciences into digital design guidelines, has worked with leading agencies and brands and trained numerous professionals worldwide. Pilar Bringas, with an outstanding career in communication and marketing, is a professor at IESE Business School and the Complutense University, and author of the book “Marketing is not (only) advertising.”

“Online Influence” is a deep dive into the mind of the digital consumer, offering the tools necessary to increase click-through rates, spark curiosity, reduce perceived effort, create excitement, facilitate behaviors, and provide reasons and social proof to effectively influence the consumer. online behavior. This work is positioned as an essential resource for any professional seeking to excel in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

The signing of the book “Influencia online” will take place on June 4, 2024 at 8:00 p.m. at the Almuzara Libros booth, number 276, in El Retiro Park, during the Madrid Book Fair. This will be a unique opportunity to meet the authors and delve deeper into persuasion techniques applied to the digital environment, making this presentation an unmissable event for all those interested in digital marketing.

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