Championship books for sports enthusiasts

Championship books for sports enthusiasts
Championship books for sports enthusiasts

Sport is the backbone of the 83rd edition of the Madrid Book Fair, which is celebrated from last Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 16. Under the motto “Train your mind, read your body”, the programming includes up to 316 activities marked, for the most part, by the connection between literature and sports. This selection of books in which the sporting discipline becomes the protagonist or, at least, thematic pretext brings together eight novelties and eight titles that have become classics.

Unusual stories from the Olympic games

Luciano Wernicke

Hightide. €20.50

This curious little book brings together more than four hundred succulent Olympic anecdotes, such as the story of the Portuguese long-distance runner who was run over while training and ended up winning the Los Angeles Marathon in 1984.

When they touched the sky

Silvia Barba

Espasa. €19.90

Despite everything that surrounded the conquest of the soccer World Cupthe feat of the women’s team deserved a book like this, which portrays the players and their trajectories, reviews their preparation and recreates, match by match, how history changed.

Tennis night

Luis Torres de la Osa

KO books €21.90

Brilliant promise of tennis on clay, Luis Torres de la Osa tells how his career was cut short, not because of an injury but because of a lack of discipline or better yet, because of the seduction of life, sex, friendship and fun that being a teenager chose.

salmon women

Patricia Cazón

Debate. €18.90

This exciting volume recreates the trajectories of “the athletes who, against the current, changed the history of Spain”. And they did it, like Lilí Álvarez, Carmen Valero, Blanca Fernández Ochoa and Gemma Mengual, breaking a thousand glass ceilings.

The discount

Various authors

Panenka. €22.50

A hundred writers like Belén Gopegui, Enrique Vila-Matas, Juan Villoro, Miqui Otero and Carlos Zanón They challenge each other in this book with their short stories about, by, for and from football, but transcending the limits of the game to portray life and its challenges.

The big game

Various authors

Hightide. €22.90

Here is an essential essay for all those who believe that football is just a sport, because in it Narcís Pallarés, Alessio Postiglioni and Valerio Mancini They discover its importance as a geopolitical instrument and as a vehicle of globalization.

One hundred stories of a centenary Lightning

Maite Martin

Lecteo. €15.50

The centenary of the popular Vallecano Ray has led to the publication of several books that celebrate its history. This also explains, for example, what the stadium was used for after the Civil War or which mayor of Madrid passed through its quarry.

The vertical tribe

Borja Bauza

KO books €23.90

A member of an ultra group in his youth, Bauzá portrays in this book the phenomenon of the Spanish radicalsfrom north to south, analyzing how political, economic and social frustrations come with violence, hidden behind the flags of their teams.

Sports classics

chess novel

Stefan Zweig

Cliff. €10

Written during his exile in Brazil, shortly before his suicide, this masterpiece narrates the confrontation in a chess game of two antagonistic personalities, Mirko Czentovic, undisputed world champion, rude and ignorant, and the enigmatic B.

Football in sun and shade

Eduardo Galeano

XXI century. €22.90

As a child, Galeano wanted to be a soccer player, but he only played well in his sleep. Perhaps that is why, in this book he pays tribute to the football, its myths and legendsbut it also denounces the power structures of a lucrative business.

The fight

Norman Mailer

Against. €16.90

It was the fight of the century. In Kinshasa, in 1974, the demolisher faced each other in a ring George Foreman and Cassius Clay, one of the icons of the 20th century. An exceptional combat that only a genius like Mailer, father of New Journalism, could tell.

The hero’s silence

Gay Talese

Alfaguara. €19.50

Accustomed to telling stories of nobodies, Talese brought together in this book his best chronicles as a sports journalist New York Timeslike the one about Muhammad Ali visiting Fidel Castro in Havana or one about Joe DiMaggio, the baseball star.

Fever in the stands

Nick Hornby

Anagram. €20.90

This book is the portrait of a desperate passion, the one that its narrator Nick Hornby has felt since he was a child for Arsenal colorsthe London team that gave luster to English football in the 90s, thanks to its coach, Arsene Wenger.

The goalkeeper’s fear of the penalty

Peter Handke

Alliance. €11.95

Josef Bloch, former goalkeeper of a soccer team whose career was ruined when he let the ball pass between his legs in a penalty, is fired from his job as a mechanic and must begin a new era full of shadows.


Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Debate. €20

With the lucidity and humor that characterized him, Vázquez Montalbán reflected in this volume on what has happened so that football, an unpretentious sport, has become a new religion that devours their young gods.

Pure football

Roberto Fontanarrosa

Geoplanet. €18.95

Comedian, narrator and staunch follower of Rosario Central, the Argentine Roberto Fontanarrosa made football the great protagonist of his best stories, such as the brilliant “December 9, 1971” included in this championship volume.

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