He is 9 years old, suffers from cystic fibrosis and tells his experience in a book

Yutiel Alaniz is 9 years old, he is originally from La Falda and as a result of the health condition he suffers from, he decided to write a book to tell about his experience.

It is titled “Living with Cystic Fibrosis” and it simply compiles, and in football code, his life experience with the disease and the difficulties of its treatment.

The book was published by the El Escarabajo Azul publishing house and includes illustrations by Diego Valencia.

“I tried to share my feelings with other kids who live with this same disease, or with which they are battling,” said Yutiel on the day of the presentation at the Eva Perón Cultural Center, in Valle Hermoso.

consulted by La Estafeta Online About how the idea of ​​capturing his experiences in a book arose, the 9-year-old said: “I have a chronic disease that affects the pancreas and lungs. During the hospitalization, since they put so many IVs in, my veins burst. One day they put an implantable catheter in me and it punctured. He was nervous and very angry. That’s why a nurse told me to write a diary telling what was happening to me, and the next day I told my mother that I wanted to write a book.”

Presentation in Córdoba

Yutiel presents his book this Thursday in the Night of Readings series that takes place at the Santísima Trinidad Children’s Hospital.

The appointment is at 10, at Bajada Pucará 787, in Córdoba Capital.

The Night of Readings cycle in Córdoba.
Yutiel Alaniz presents his book “Living with cystic fibrosis” (Courtesy).
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