DJ Avicii’s family launches illustrated book to honor his legacy

DJ Avicii’s family launches illustrated book to honor his legacy
DJ Avicii’s family launches illustrated book to honor his legacy

MIAMI.- The father of the late Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, known in the music industry as Avicii, announced that the family, Through the Tim Bergling Foundation, he will release an illustrated book to honor his brief but important career in the EDM genre.

Klas Bergling, the musician’s father, commented that the intention of this project is not only for Avicii’s successful figure to remain over time, but also to give visibility to the importance of seeking help for mental health.

“We want to help people see beyond Avicii’s fame. That’s why we also call his posthumous album Tim,” Bergling said in an interview with the BBC.

The father assured that it took him time to understand why young people felt so identified with his son, because even on the DJ’s official website, hundreds of fans leave letters for him. However, everything is linked to the authenticity that Tim demonstrated.

“Tim meant a lot to the young people: his music, his letters and his person. At first I didn’t understand why, but then a fan said, ‘Tim was the real deal.’ I understood. “Many young people identify with that authenticity, their honesty and their struggles,” he stated.

Struggles, addictions and death

Klas Bergling confessed that since adolescence, the DJ faced identity problems, which is why he spent time in therapy.

However, with her rise to fame in 2011, the anxiety returned.

The demanding tours led him to turn to alcohol to calm his nerves, which later led to addiction.

“In 2012, he embarked on a 26-day tour of the United States, which caused him stomach pains due to his alcohol consumption, which led to hospitalization and a prescription for opioids to calm his pancreatitis, beginning a cycle of stomach problems. health and addiction. The following year, in Australia, he had pancreatitis again, but he refused to have his gallbladder removed to avoid canceling his commitments and was prescribed opioids again,” the BBC reported.

Later, he suffered peritonitis and had to undergo surgery.

As time went by, his mental health became more vulnerable, and in 2016, at the age of 26, he put a pause on live shows. She asserted that she had to take some time for his physical and mental health.

However, Tim was unable to overcome the abyss he faced and committed suicide in 2018.

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