House of the Dragon 2×02 – From the book to the screen

The second episode of the second season of the House of the Dragon has brought us the best Otto Hightower of the series, has shone in the Cargyllbowl, Daeron has finally been mentioned…and has introduced others two dragon seeds, Ulf and Alyn. Therefore, today we bring you the analysis of The Seven Kingdomswhich will join the impressions of a non-reader and the review of the readers we will enjoy this week. Go for it!

We begin the weekly analysis round in The Seven Kingdoms with the reviews with the From book to screen. You know that in these videos We explore the scenes of the episode with special emphasis on how they reflect what is narrated in Fire and Blood.

This week, in addition to making notes on the opening, we will talk about Jasper Wylde and the Green Council, the different destiny of Blood and Cheese compared to the one told in Fire and Blood. We praise the funeral procession between Cáceres and Trujillo and introduce members of the Black Council as the maester Gerardis, Bartimos Celtigar and Alfred Broome.

We explore the distrust of Rhaenyra and Daemonthe couple Baela-Jacaerysand introduce the dragon seeds we see this episode: Hugh Hammer and the debutants Ulf the White and Addam of Hull. And of course, we praise Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower, we analyze the adaptation of the Cargyllbowl and we celebrate the mention of Daeron Targaryen for the first time in The House of the Dragon.

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