El Tesoro Culture and Book Fair: a cultural and literary maelstrom

El Tesoro Culture and Book Fair: a cultural and literary maelstrom
El Tesoro Culture and Book Fair: a cultural and literary maelstrom

With great joy we arrived at the fourth edition of our Culture and Book Fair at El Tesoro Parque Comercial; this cultural dream that materialized in 2021 and with which we have traveled through the letters of our country. We begin with the magic of the Caribbean, we travel to Valle del Cauca, we enter the historic territory of Greater Antioquia and this year we enter La Selva: the one that José Eustasio Rivera portrayed 100 hundred years ago in his work La Vorágine, which we commemorate in this edition.

For six days a year the magic of literature runs through our hallways, squares and bridges led by publishers, bookstores and experts. Thus, our Commercial Park becomes a cultural temple in which letters, knowledge, art and culture fill each of our commercial, service, entertainment and gastronomy spaces. This is one of our great cultural bets that, after each edition, continues to position itself as a great city event.

But also, each year our responsibility grows in relation to all the topics we address and which often start from uncomfortable questions. In this case: “How come a shopping center is doing a book fair?” And it is, precisely, the power of the question that confirms that in this city within the city, the commitment to art and culture, but also to sustainability and care for the environment are great purposes that go hand in hand. of our commercial and service activities.

For this reason, and with the satisfaction of saying that we are achieving it – and that we continue working for it – we allow ourselves to address all those questions that take us out of our comfort zone. They allow us to continue being a city space with doors open to growing tourism; to attract new and diverse audiences; to have other views, other opinions. Opinions that we always address with experts who guide us: in this case, the committee of our Fair, made up of outstanding personalities from literature, academia and culture, and supported by the Common and Current Corporation.

Thus, in El Tesoro, culture is not a simple addition; It is a great maelstrom, defined as “unbridled passion”, that turns our Commercial Park into a sanctuary of ideas and creativity. And in this edition of our Culture and Book Fair, which is framed in our seasonal event La Selva, the preservation and conservation of our fauna and flora, communities and territories, plus the recognition of our regions, their letters and writers, are the great message that we want to deliver to all our audiences.

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