Ficciones, the first book bar in Bogotá

Ficciones, the first book bar in Bogotá
Ficciones, the first book bar in Bogotá

We call this space Fictions because In them we find a consolation and a singular support against so much perplexity. Here we feel less alone, accompanied by the diversity of voices contained in fiction and with the infinite conversations over good drinks.“, says Consuelo Gaitándirector of Fictions.

There are many cafes and bars in Bogotá, many cafes and bookstores, but the country’s capital lacked a space for those who like to have other types of drinks while they read and socialize.

Fictions is he first book bar in Bogotáa new establishment that has a careful and diverse selection of the best literature in Spanish, since it is open to all types of readers. There is also the possibility of importing books that are not available in Colombia.

Added to the books is the offer of drinks. Fictions has a bar with selected wines, whiskeys and classic cocktails, as well as cocktails inspired by literature. If you wish, you can also drink coffee and eat spanish tapasFor example.

Being a place that allows socializing, it also has a space for events. Fictions offers a cultural programming that is linked to current events and inclusion. There the members and friends of the book bar dictate talks and workshopssome completely free. Occasionally, the space is also provided for book signings and meetings with authors.

Notable partners and friends include Pity Bonnett, Hector Abad, William Ospina, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Laura Restrepo and Santiago Gamboaamong others.

Ficciones also has a room children’s literature and minors can participate in several cultural events.

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Like any bar, there is no shortage of music and there is a curation of songs that adapts to the times of the day. There is also a piano which is used to share live music on weekends and can be played by anyone who wants.

The bar is located in the town of Chapinero, more specifically in the neighborhood Quinta Camacho, in race 8 #67-77.

Fictions is an initiative of Consuelo Gaitánshe was director of the National Library for more than 5 years, director of BibloRed, and has dedicated his life to transforming environments through books. They join his work team Carmen Patricia Hernandezcultural architect, and Paula CortesCultural manager.

You can find out about the Ficciones programming on their social networks.

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