I run a book club and these are the 3 books I’m going to recommend to my friends this summer

I co-direct a reading club in Madrid (@clubmiercolesnoche) for over a year now, and I’m also a journalist specialising in books, so I’m an expert at recommending reading material. Here are some recommendations so you don’t run out of ideas. From the novel that everyone is talking about to a captivating story in which the characters face tragedy and secrets from the past.

The 3 books I’m recommending to all my friends this summer

Biography of X by Catherine Lacey (Alfaguara)

Biography of X by Catherine Lacey

Novel of the year 2023 in the United StatesThis American writer from Mississippi, who is not yet forty, is going to be the talk of the town. What can we say about her without spoiling too much? A conceptual artist who has even composed music for David Bowie She has made experimental films and has been a creative leader of her time, someone so magnetic and enigmatic that her name is not even known, only that she is X. She is going to be the subject of a biography when she dies (this fact is known from the first pages) written by her wife to refute a previous one written by a man.

We are going to find ourselves facing an alternate history of the United States, as the southern states have become a fascist theocracy in which women are relegated to the home, while in the north a progressive democracy triumphs, in which Bernie Sanders is president. We will also go through the mourning of X’s wife because this is also a love story.

Our Father by Beatriz Roger and Luiso Soldevilla (Planeta)

Our Father by Beatriz Roger and Luiso Soldevilla

Second part of the Nico Ros series written by a mother and a sonThey started with Marismas, a resounding success for its very human characters and a plot that draws you in. The second installment has just been published, which can be read independently or you can take your friend with you, both. Detective Nico Ros returns in this installment with a dark case of secrets from the past.

When Inspector Pàmies, in charge of the investigation of a macabre crime in a barn, disappears without a trace, Detective Nico Ros, still recovering from the wounds caused by the Marismas case, joins the relentless search undertaken by the police. In addition, there is another hunt underway, that of the murderer who is spreading terror and death in the Empordà region. A gloomy farm, a circus that hides more than it shows, a remote hermitage, are the places of This story will keep you reading late into the night or steal your nap.

An island to hide from by Elena Moreno Scheredre (Grijalbo)

An island to hide from by Elena Moreno Scheredre

Eva Landaluce returns to Formentera, the island where she was so happy but which she now remembers with sadness. There, on the family estate El Paraíso, she found years ago the body of her father, whose murder has never been fully explained. Lorenzo was a renowned jeweller and a charismatic man who became obsessed with a legendary piece: Marie Antoinette’s diamond necklace.

This is a novel where you can find the intrigue and mystery of a thriller, a family drama and a story of love and redemption. A captivating story in which the characters face tragedy and secrets from the past. Set against the backdrop of the fascinating world of jewellery and the splendid landscape of Formentera.

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