They will lend books to people over 65 years old with free shipping

They will lend books to people over 65 years old with free shipping
They will lend books to people over 65 years old with free shipping


The Government of the City of Buenos Aires presented today a book loan service for people over 65 years of age or with reduced mobility with free shipping. The program “Door to Door Library” It was promoted by the Buenos Aires chief, Jorge Macrialong with an agreement with the delivery company Rappi.

In the new Rappi offices in Saavedra, the head of Government and the Minister of Culture, Gabriela Ricardesthey closed the agreement with the directors of the technological platform that will deliver the books to homes.

There, Macri said: “I would like to thank the signing of this agreement that will help us bring the experience of a book closer to older people who live alone and people with reduced mobility. We have purchased many books this year to strengthen our entire library network and this agreement is an important contribution that will facilitate their arrival in the homes of many neighbors.”

Jorge Macri presented “Door to Door Library”.

Minister Ricardes said: “We especially welcome this service, which is another way of being with our seniors and people with disabilities to bring them closer to the public cultural offering.”

The implementation of this program will also have the support of Boatsthe City’s chatbot, which can be used as a search and recommendation tool. It will also have a direct telephone line for personalized attention, a specially selected catalogue with literary novelties and will have the Ricardo Güiraldes library -located in Retiro- as a centralized logistical point.

Jorge Macri presented “Door to Door Library”.

To access the service, interested parties must be registered as members of the Library Network. The procedure can be carried out online on the website of the City’s Public Libraries.

Then, you must click on the “Door to Door Library” option and once you find the title, you can make the reservation online. Within 48 years, contact will be established to coordinate home delivery, which will be carried out by a Rappi delivery person.


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