Ramón Teves presents his book “Chromatic Topographies”

Ramón Teves presents his book “Chromatic Topographies”
Ramón Teves presents his book “Chromatic Topographies”

Photographer and visual artist Ramón Teves presents his book “Topografías Cromáticas” this Thursday at 8:30 p.m. at the Rougés Cultural Center (Laprida 31). He has the support of the Cultural Entity of Tucumán.

The project “Chromatic Topographies” presents images that exude and reveal the history of Tucumán, its culture, its experiences. From the photographic perspective, the social, the anthropological, the popular, the old and the modern become evident.

Electric light meters spin and mark the watts, interpreting the energy of daily life, or speeding up when the temperature in the shade reaches 45 degrees Celsius, and just like a pacemaker, they regulate the heartbeat of a city, of a province, which is also a bit of every city in Argentina, in Latin America.

“In this wandering of ideas, I reflect on the concept of energy, as a mysterious force of unsuspected power, a profound essence that constitutes us and bears witness to our passage through this minimal segment of a universal and infinite straight line,” says Teves.

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