Recommended books: “Giving shade” by Berta Mongé

Recommended books: “Giving shade” by Berta Mongé
Recommended books: “Giving shade” by Berta Mongé

Ideas, memories, questions and dreams shape the blog with which the Catalan journalist and writer Berta Mongé, She puts together the chapters of this testimony, her first book, which records her desire to be a mother.

From the intimacy of his daily life, After four years of physical and emotional ups and downs, the result is a fragmented chronicle that allows us to connect with the voice of a woman who loves and suffers while trying to achieve the miracle of conceiving a life.

The story proposes a new code that allows to expose the challenges that women face against metabolism, mental health and even sociocultural opinion, in their quest to give birth:

“Giving Shadow is a brave, honest book, where the word replaces the embryo and turns it into a beautiful literary creature.”

When assisted reproduction fails to generate the desired heartbeat, it frustrates with its artificial light, invading the corners of everyday life with postponed illusions. Four years of uncertainty and pain have, however, served as a force of creative inspiration to create this emotional log without artifice.

“Introspection and observation of the almost imperceptible weave this vital journey, a web of failures that spoils the desired reality, in the hands of destiny.”


Where did this book come from?

“Giving shade arises from a great desire to give birth and not being able to do so. By wanting so much, you end up creating an expression that something intangible is happening to you, and that is where one day I realize that I am giving in to the shadows. This is my first book and it is about my experience over almost four years of pursuing the dream of being a mother and not achieving it, resorting to assisted this case eight, to achieve this. I was writing in a diary style, for myself, not thinking of a reader, this book is the compendium of texts that I was accumulating.”

Where does your deep desire to be a mother come from?

“I don’t know, and I kept asking myself because when you’ve been fighting against something for so long and you hit a wall, blows and blows, the most normal thing is that you say I’m quitting this movie and that didn’t happen to me, Something inside me told me to keep going, I projected myself into that image, I love children, my nephews, but so tell me why, I don’t know, and I think I’ll never have the answer.”.

Did you talk about these feelings with anyone?

I did share what was happening to me, I am quite expressive, I like to talk about the things that happen to me and it also helps me, at that moment I needed to talk to those who were accompanying me in this battle, my partner, my mother, brothers, the psychologistbut there were times when I thought, I won’t tell anything about this; one realizes that talking is uncomfortable and writing was a great ally. Sometimes it is complicated and as an outsider I can think from the outside, it is better to keep distance if the other person is not telling you the story.”

Did writing this book heal anything in you?

I don’t know about healing, but it fulfilled a desire I had had for many years to materialize my writing.They say that giving birth to a book is like giving birth to a child, but the excitement that the object in my hands gave me was incredible. I was happy, I was filled with pride, to finally say something that I have always wanted to do and to conclude, I have achieved it.”

How was Bruno’s arrival in your life?

“I finished the book after the seventh failed process and when it ended, I was very exhausted, I said, this is it, and after four months I had a little energy left for one more attempt. In the eighth, I got pregnant with my son and now I am the mother of Bruno, a two-year-old puppy. It was a difficult, long and tedious chapter, but the reward was wonderful and I would relive it a thousand times over.”

How do you feel now?

I would have imagined another type of family with more children, but life in recent years is that what one imagines is very different from what is and what is reality, the other is a fantasy.I am grateful for the reality I have and I feel super happy with my son. I embrace motherhood and for me it has been a gift.”

How has the response from readers been?

The response has been very nice, to understand the feeling of a woman who is going through something like this, it is a book of total opennessbecause I had no initial intention of publishing, with an honest touch. Even male readers, who are not fathers, have been able to enjoy understanding a mentality that is full of complexes, understanding a series of feelings about the process of motherhood.”

+ by Berta Mongé (Barcelona, ​​1979)

He studied journalism and literature. She has been involved in the publishing world for years and is currently the Art Director at Malpaso y Cia. The book can be found on the publisher’s website and in the networks of major bookstores.


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