Who are the founders of Casalía Publishing House – El Heraldo de Tabasco

Who are the founders of Casalía Publishing House – El Heraldo de Tabasco
Who are the founders of Casalía Publishing House – El Heraldo de Tabasco

In an interview for El Heraldo de Tabasco, Ervey Castillo and Ulises R. Guzmán, editors and writers, expressed their opinions on the current cultural panorama in Tabasco. Both are the creators of the Casalía publishing house, which has an extensive catalogue of printed books since 2017.

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In a conversation with writer and director Ángel Vega, they said that with the publishing house they have managed to go to book fairs, however, they have focused more on creating a rapprochement with young people through visits to schools. “We go to schools and give them some books, once we made a selection of poetry books to give to secondary school children, who enjoy and also comment on the reading” mentioned the poet Ervey.

Regarding the express question of whether they plan to enter digital media, the writer Ulises Guzmán stated that they are open to adapting, however, they will not abandon physical books. “We would do a mixed operation between digital and physical books, in physical books, if we go to communities, we have to teach them contact, so that they lose the fear of having a book in their hands, scratching it and feeling the aroma, the virtual is more ethereal, it does not reach as deep as a physical book does” he explained.

Regarding the cultural panorama, Ervey acknowledged that the issue has been delayed for many years, which is why they made the decision to carry out the project themselves and not wait for the government to give them the resources. However, he acknowledged that there is an obligation on the part of the cultural authorities to support artists and cultural promoters. “We have not had an approach with government programs or anything, maybe at some point there will be, hopefully what is coming will be for the better, in the new governments, until now no one has done anything for culture in Tabasco.”

Ulises explained that culture must be brought to the ejidos, to the communities, schools must be rehabilitated, literary workshops must be held in the communities, to give options to young people. “Why not rediscover the use of books and create readers? I believe that in order to develop in any artistic activity, reading must be encouraged.”

He also stated that according to INEGI, the number of books read per year has decreased, “We need to promote reading, education, culture, everything has to go hand in hand, we have to leave urban areas and take them to the most remote places, we want an awakening for the new generations.” He explained that it is necessary to strengthen the link between education and culture, among the necessary venues for this are libraries, however, many of them are almost abandoned.

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They also talked about how technology has replaced the habit of reading, where young people prefer to follow influencers, rather than pick up a book. “The issue of influencers who create media fame is what we need, reality is outside, we are the ones who are becoming mechanized, society and the government are responsible, that is what culture is for, the arts in general” said Ulises. He also explained that reading allows us to look at life in a different way, to give new thoughts, to enjoy and in case there is a need to express ourselves, also to join the path of writing.

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