Book Answers How to Attract a New Audience to Reading

Book Answers How to Attract a New Audience to Reading
Book Answers How to Attract a New Audience to Reading

Every year 14 thousand new publications are published in the Spanish language. first novelsIn a field where many writers seem to compete for the attention of a handful of readers, the role of marketing within publishing houses becomes extremely important.

In that context, Pilar Gordoa Has published The art of winning over readers (Grijalbo). In this book, the marketing director of Penguin Random House explains several of the strategies that they must follow and understand editorials y writers to reach the dream goal: reaching the desired audience.

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Selling books in the time of TikTok

Over the past two decades, the advertising around the books has mutated irreversibly in the face of the Internet and social networks. And that is the first warning that it launches Pilar Gordoa in an interview with N+, which both publishers as authors Please note that presenting a book is not the same as promoting it.

If we only focus on the public relations aspect, the scope can be very small, due to the great diversity and complexity of all the doors through which a book can reach a reader.

Cover of The art of winning over readers by Pilar Gordoa. Photo: Penguin Random House

Therefore, in The art of winning over readers, Pilar Gordoa recommends that publishers carefully consider the audience they want to reach. Although it cannot be predicted, The success of a book can be explained as the sum of several actions that make it easier for it to reach its readers.

It is very expensive to produce a book in paperback. Even the promotion is very expensive, as are the processes that distributors follow to distribute the book; they are asking for bigger and bigger discounts. So publishers have to focus on understanding which market their efforts will reach.

According to Pilar Gordoabooksellers and publishers often enter into a spiral in which they expend their efforts in a haphazard manner, without a concrete strategy to reach a larger audience.

I am an independent publisher, I have a book, I am not sure who the book is aimed at and I start spending effort and resources on selling it in places where it has no place, because my audience is not going to be there. The same thing happens sometimes with independent booksellers: they spend their lives managing.

What should a new writer who wants to publish a book know?

Every year, thousands of writers unpublished They finish a book with the hope that it will reach many readers. Unfortunately, the novel authors They are not clear about where to send a manuscript or what channels they can use to publicize their work:

One thing is perhaps publishing on a platform. Today we have a very important boom, for example, on a platform called Wattpad, where mainly young teenagers are writing their first novels. And some of the writers on that platform have been published in print.

Pilar Gordoa, author of The art of winning over readers. Foto: Penguin Random House

And it is that the editorials receive an overwhelming amount of manuscripts for your ruling. Beyond the quality of the work presented, many authors make the mistake of sending their manuscript to the wrong publisher:

The number of manuscripts that can be received daily can be unusual and unmanageable for a team of people who are reading and making opinions. So the first thing I have to tell new authors is not to give up, but also to have that knowledge of where they are going to send those manuscripts to be published.

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