Movistar offers a free month of Nextory, its digital reading service for books and magazines

It’s summer and Movistar knows that it’s the best time of the year to promote its lesser-known leisure and cultural services, such as Nextory, the digital books, audiobooks and magazines service, whose subscription is now offered with a free month for all the operator’s that they can read or listen to whatever they want this summer. The platform will then have its usual price of 8.99 euros per month, with no commitment, and with it you can access up to 300,000 titles to choose from among the latest literary novelties, classics, children’s and young adult works, and the most attractive magazines on newsstands.

The service offered by the blue operator, although it is quite unknown, It has existed since before 2021, when it was called Nubico and was the digital subscription platform owned by Telefónica España and PlanetaIn June 2021, Nextory, one of the most widely established and fastest-growing digital reading services in Europe, acquired Nubico, which had been created in 2013 “in response to a new need among Spanish readers: to offer a way of reading that combines books and technology,” Movistar explained at the time.

Nextory’s acquisition of Nubico marked the “next milestone in continuing to deliver and improve on that promise,” as the idea was to offer an even wider selection of digital books, “on an optimized technological platform, and with an improved design and user experience.” Telefónica and Planeta already promised at the time that they would maintain strategic agreements with the new platform in order to continue being part of its progress. The subscription service Nextory was founded in 2015 by Swedish entrepreneurs Shadi Bitar and Ninos Malki and is present in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Norway, as well as in Spain.

Although Nextory offers other plans, such as Basic, with a limit of 25 hours per month, or Unlimited 4, with unlimited access for 4 users, Movistar customers can only get the Unlimited subscription of this book platform, which is priced at 8.99 euros per month, and already includes a 10% discount on its price for those who are not Movistar customers.

Image of the offer received by Movistar customers of Nextory free for the first month.


The suitability of the content offered by Nextory lies in the fact that, in addition to offer a very extensive literary catalogue, which can be downloaded and Read offline on any device and on the beach, in the mountains, in the countryside or wherever you want, even if you don’t have internet. It is also convenient that This is a family subscription, because up to four different profiles can be configured for the same price to share content..

As for these, it is worth noting that it not only offers thoughtful literary reading, but also that you can access publications from more than 80 periodical magazine titles from all kinds of information areas. Thus, if we want to enjoy news from the heart, read reports on lifestyle, cooking, motors… we can enjoy the following weekly content from celebrities in Lecturas or Diez Minutos, and monthly what magazines such as InStyle, El Mueble, National Geographic, Autopista, Muy Interesante, El Jueves, Clara, Historia de National Geographic publish, or learn to embroider with the magazine Labores, with a significant saving compared to the price of these publications at newsstands.

Some of the 80 magazine titles that can be read with the Movistar Nextory service.

The highlight of the app, perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android, of course, is the literature that can be accessed to read or listen to, because it has more than 300,000 eBooks and audiobooks, with the best stories of all genres such as mystery and horror, romance, essays, historical, science fiction, as well as the classics and hits of children’s literature for boys and girls, fiction, non-fiction, the Planeta awards, such as the latest by Sonsoles Ónega and Alfonso Goizueta, “the latest installment of the Millennium saga, the new thriller by Carmen Mola, El Infierno, or the latest global phenomenon of YA literature, Alas de sangre by Rebecca Yarros…” as they relate on their website.

As for the “non-fiction” titles, they highlight the “new title by Ángel Martín, Detrás del ruido, as well as the best sellers by Marián Rojas such as ‘Cómo hacer que te pasan cosas buenas’ or ‘Recupera tu mente, reconquista tu vida'”, they say. In the promotion that they have sent especially to their clients via email for this summer, the titles by Ónega “Las hijas de la criada”, “La Inombrable” by Lorezo Silva and Noemí Trujillo or “Save me” by Mona Kasten stand out, to give some examples.

They have books by widely read authors such as María Dueñas, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Matilde Asensi and Almudena Grandes, as well as classics of all time, which can also be useful for secondary school students, such as the works of Jules Verne, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde.

You don’t always have all the time you want to read, so if your daily activities don’t allow you to listen, you can unsubscribe very easily by sending an SMS or calling the free Movistar phone number.

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