Stylish books chosen by ‘Bellver in April’, July 11, 2024

Stylish books chosen by ‘Bellver in April’, July 11, 2024
Stylish books chosen by ‘Bellver in April’, July 11, 2024

Stylish books chosen by ‘Bellver in April’, July 11, 2024S. J. BENNETT

The divine lizards

Enrique Juncosa

Gutenberg Galaxy

50 euros

A collection of short stories by Enrique Juncosa. We move through different settings. Once again, real characters from the world of culture appear: Friedrich Nietzsche staying in a seedy boarding house in Genoa; Sir Osbert Sitwell sent as a correspondent to Fiume, the city declared independent by Gabriele d’Annunzio; Marina Abramovic in Madrid…

The divine lizards

Peter Garau Biography of a neighborhood

M. González i C. Llorente

Literary Island

25 euros

The aim of this book is to recover the popular memory of the neighborhood of Pere Garau and its area of ​​influence, as well as its important industrial fabric in order to divulge not only its origin, from La Paloma to Pere Garau, its past, present and concern for its future, but also to socialize its knowledge among the community who lived there and those who now live there or will live there.

Pere Garau. Biography of a neighborhood

100 pedals through the history of cycling

Rafael Vallbona


15,20 €

In the midst of the Tour de France, what better reading than a book about this sport. Two centuries after the invention of the bicycle, the Barcelona-born author and great lover of two wheels – of the 71 books he has written, 14 are about the subject – compiles a hundred stories such as that of Marshall Walter Major Taylor, the first black champion, and that of Oreste Ribó, a shoemaker for cyclists in the post-war period.

100 pedals through the history of cycling


Luis Chaves

The three editors

16,90 €

From a tiny country, Luis Chaves invites us on a journey that takes us on a tumble: from his dalliance with drugs to fatherhood as a foundation; from the immaturity of youth to literature as an indispensable experience. A succession of all the small mechanisms that set in motion what, for lack of a better word, we call “life.”


Calm sea and happy journey

Bette Howland


23,95 €

An intellectual from a working-class Chicago neighborhood and a single mother, Bette Howland lived a life of poverty. This anthology brings together nine stories and two novellas in which we enter a Jewish wedding and meet inhospitable relatives; we witness the gap between mothers and daughters; we visit public libraries full of homeless people and attend a kaddish for the death of a dear friend.

Calm sea and happy journey

Murder with diamonds

S. J. Bennett


22 €

Murder with Diamonds is the fourth installment of this series in which SJ Bennett has turned the Queen of England into a Miss Marple. This time, the action takes place in April 1957. Elizabeth II is engaged in intense diplomatic activity to place the United Kingdom back on the European chessboard of the post-war period, but she begins to suspect that someone in her entourage is trying to torpedo her mission.

Murder with diamonds

Vocation of freedom

Alejandro Pedregosa


14 €

In this volume dedicated to Carmen de Burgos, within the Biographies collection of the Kalandraka publishing house, Alejandro Pedregosa brings us closer to the life and professional journey of an absolute intellectual: teacher, journalist, writer, translator, lecturer… A great woman who challenged the social conventions of her time and whose work was included on the blacklist of Franco’s censorship.

Vocation of freedom

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