Profeco warns Telcel and Megacable users through this document that they must receive and accept

Profeco warns Telcel and Megacable users through this document that they must receive and accept
Profeco warns Telcel and Megacable users through this document that they must receive and accept

Suppliers that market or provide services telecommunications as Telcel, Megacable or any other company, must comply with the laws, regulations, standards, technical provisions, etc., some of these being, registering the adhesion contract and its cover before Profeco and
market the service with said contract; provide the service under the conditions and terms offered or contracted, inform their coverage areas, charge only for the contracted services; deliver the billjust like him Notice of Privacy.

The Profeco warned users who contract services telecommunications that “suppliers must always provide you with the Privacy Notice, and tell you what data they collect from you and for what purposes they will use it. It is your right.”

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Notice of Privacy

When contracting mobile or landline telephone, internet or pay TV services, consumers have the right to know the Notice of Privacy from the provider, which is a physical, electronic or audio document in which they inform you of the characteristics of how they will process your personal data, who they share it with or what they will use it for.

Your personal data are:

  • name
  • signature
  • official identification
  • age, among others.

There is also contact information such as: proof of address, email or cell phone

Among the financial data: credit card number and credit history

In accordance with Profecoother data that companies can collect from consumers are device locations, information about sites visited, applications used, search preferences and biometric data such as fingerprints.

“Having so much information about you, you must know who you authorize to access and use it. Every provider must make you aware of their privacy notice and you must know it before accepting it,” said the Profeco.

The basic use of your information by the company telecommunications is to fulfill its obligations to provide services, prove your identity, process payments and billing, as well as offer goods and services.

In prepaid telephonyFor example, by activating a line you agree that the provider uses your data in accordance with its Notice of Privacy unless you express otherwise, and you should know that some companies share their customer information with third parties to segment markets, make classification for the offer of products or services.

Massive data analysis techniques are also carried out to achieve commercial profiles and send advertising information. That is, some providers automatically capture consumer interests for marketing purposes, and your data is useful for studies and reports.

In addition, the combination of wireless and WiFi communications information, as well as call logs, text messages, navigation and apps are a tool for the growth of your market, but only with your consent can you receive calls or messages from your provider or from a third party to promote or sell services or packages.

Eye! If you change your mind you can cancel your consent and the provider will have 5 days after your request to no longer call or send messages and will only be able to give your information to third parties with your consent.

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