The Blockchain Jungle event was held with a large audience

Exceeding expectations, Costa Rica has been placed on the world map with the holding of Blockchain Jungle 2023. This was stated by the organizers to Cointelegraph in Spanish, after the event.

According to them, this has marked a historical milestone in Costa Rica. The conference attracted more than 3,500 in-person participants and thousands more via livestream.

Blockchain Jungle 2023 took place on November 16 and has exceeded initial expectations, attracting 47 world-class speakers on its two main stages and 20 more in the themed rooms.

This event has been a convergence of thought leaders, innovators and pioneers, offering a platform for the exchange of ideas and the fostering of meaningful collaborations.

With the participation of people from more than 45 countries, including a strong presence from the United States, the event has proven to be a melting pot of diversity and global thinking.

“Blockchain Jungle has not only attracted a high-level institutional audience, including government officials and leaders of leading companies, but has also catalyzed the interest of leading blockchain and web3 companies in investing in Costa Rica,” the organizers explained. .


In collaboration with PROCOMER, Blockchain Jungle hosted a special ‘Doing Business In Costa Rica’ session, where more than 40 C-Suite executives from various companies explored investment opportunities in the country. Additionally, the event served as an educational platform with interactive workshops and training sessions.


Maintaining the focus on sustainability, the conference featured a themed room dedicated to art and sustainability, highlighting 15 artists from Latin America. This was done in conjunction with the participation of Azteco, a bitcoin voucher provider, who gave away thousands of dollars (in bitcoin) to the audience.

Juan C. Guerrero, who was behind the organization of Blockchain Jungle, has expressed his pride and satisfaction at the success of the event:

“Blockchain Jungle 2023 is not simply an event, it is a statement to the world that Costa Rica is not only ready to lead in sustainable blockchain technology, but is already leading the way.”

Mario Nawfal, one of the featured speakers at the event, commented:

“Having attended the largest blockchain conferences in the world, including those in Dubai that have been instrumental in establishing it as a global blockchain hub, I can say with confidence that Blockchain Jungle has the same potential for Costa Rica.”

Important speakers

It should be noted that Blockchain Jungle 2023 was attended by prominent figures in the field of blockchain and technology. Among the main speakers, personalities such as Cathy Hackl, recognized as the godmother of the Metaverse, and Nick Szabo, a pioneer in the field of smart contracts, stood out. They were joined by Perianne Boring, an influential voice in the blockchain regulatory space, and Samson Mow, known for his leadership in blockchain and cryptocurrency strategies.


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