FREE online advanced Excel course with certification launched. Registration open! – Teach me about Science

FREE online advanced Excel course with certification launched. Registration open! – Teach me about Science
FREE online advanced Excel course with certification launched. Registration open! – Teach me about Science
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Would you like to improve your Excel skills or gain new knowledge, but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry about this anymore, because today in this article we bring you a totally FREE course with which you can do this, so, if you are interested in it, we recommend that you continue reading, because below we will tell you what it is about this course, what you can learn in it and how you can enroll.

General characteristics of the course

The course that we will present to you today is taught by the Austral University through the Coursera platform, which is perfectly distinguished by offering endless training in various areas of knowledge from multiple prestigious universities around the world.

Specifically, this Excel course is of an advanced level focused on business, so its objective is to teach all its participants the necessary knowledge to improve their skills in this office tool and learn to apply them to the needs of a business. . In this way, it is indicated on the official course portal that at the end of the training, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Understand and conveniently deepen specific aspects of different forms of work (individual or group).
  • Evaluate the use of advanced functions to manipulate data and create your own analyzes using specific techniques such as pivot tables, what-if analysis, scenario management, single and double entry tables, resource optimization analysis.
  • Discuss how to link Excel with other applications by importing information from text files and databases, exporting information to text files in various ways.
  • Understanding the use of macros will allow you to glimpse another universe of applications that will make your work much more productive.

The course lasts 24 hours, recommending taking 8 hours per week to complete it in three weeks, however, since this is an online training, you will be able to have a flexible schedule with which it will be very easy to take advantage of your free time. In addition to this, consider that after successfully completing the training you will be eligible for a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

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What topics are covered in the course?

It is specified on the official portal of the course that it is divided into 8 modules, which are:

  • Forms of work: Individual work or with other people.
  • Advanced functions to manipulate data.
  • Dynamic tables.
  • Linking with other applications.
  • Hypothesis analysis.
  • Export data to text files.
  • Optimization analysis.
  • Introduction to the use of macros.
How can I register for the course?

To sign up for the course, all you have to do is create an account on the ‘Coursera’ platform and then register for free in said training. To do so, you simply have to enter the course link and click on the “Join for free” option. .

For more information about the course, create your account and register, see: Advanced Excel applied to business, Coursera.

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