Progreso invests US$15.8 million in pre-dosed plant

Progreso invests US$15.8 million in pre-dosed plant
Progreso invests US$15.8 million in pre-dosed plant


Progreso inaugurated its new Predosed plant, located within the San Miguel Cement Plant, in Sanarate, El Progreso, Guatemala.

It had an investment of US$15.8 million. The project arises as part of Progreso’s growth and diversification strategy, marking a new chapter in its 125-year legacy in Guatemala.

Construction of the project began in November 2021. The plant is designed for the manufacture of coatings (monolayers), lifting mixes and other specialized construction products.

The Predosed plant incorporates cutting-edge technology with an automated process, operated from a control room through PLCs. (Operable Logic Controllers) of the latest generation, along with advanced instrumentation to supervise all operating variables.

Ana Miriam Obregón, manager of Progreso’s Lime and Predosed Business, expressed: “the predosed plant sets a new standard for our products in terms of efficiency and quality. Designed to optimize the supply chain and meet growing market demand, this facility will allow Progreso to continue responding in an agile and effective manner to the changing needs of our customers in Guatemala and the region.”

In addition, the first production line has a capacity of 370,000 tons per year, which will allow it to better meet market demand.

The trademark “Ready Mixtures Ready Mixture” is made up of a family of products including specialized finishes, concrete, raising mixes and soil stabilizers. Through these Mixto Listo materials it seeks to be a strategic ally for the different construction solutions of its clients.

During the construction phase, the plant played an active role in strengthening the local labor market, generating 600 indirect jobs. Now, in full operation, the plant has consolidated 40 permanent direct jobs.

The design of the plant took into account the reduction of electrical energy consumption, along with a comprehensive waste management plan that supports Progreso’s sustainable objectives.

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