Latest Baloto result today: Saturday, April 20

Latest Baloto result today: Saturday, April 20
Latest Baloto result today: Saturday, April 20

To play on Baloto you only need 5,700 pesos and you win from one success (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)

look right away the winning combination of the draw Baloto this Saturday, April 20.

Take good care of your ticket, it is very important that you do so because it is the official receipt to collect the prize in case you are a winner, keep it in a safe place and make sure it is not mistreated.

If your prize is equal to or less than 48 UTV, that is, 1,824,192 pesos, it can be collected at any point of sale. However, if the prize is greater than this amount, it must be presented to one of the five fiduciaries authorized to claim it.

Remember that you have up to a year natural, counted from the day following the celebration of the corresponding contest, to claim your prizeotherwise it will no longer be delivered and will be destined for the health sector.

The winning combination of the lottery of Baloto for this Saturday, April 20, it is: 2 12 31 32 35 7.

Baloto carries out two draws a week, every Wednesday and Saturdayafter 11:00 p.m., in which you can win several billion pesos.

The Baloto lottery is played every Wednesday and Saturday (Archive)

To play Baloto you have to buy a ticket with a value of 5,700 pesoseither at the lottery stand or on the website.

Subsequently you need to choose your bet made up of five numbers without repeating between 1 and 43as well as an extra number that can be from 1 to 16. If you don’t know which numbers to choose, don’t worry, let the lottery terminal generate your numbers at random.

Baloto has an initial multimillion-dollar cumulative total of 4 billion pesos which will accumulate in each draw if there is no winner, until it can be delivered to a new billionaire.

To win the grand jackpot you must match all six numbersHowever, you can win prizes by hitting just one.

If you win any of the Baloto prizes You do not need the help of any third party to collect it.regardless of the amount, you must collect it directly at a point of sale or at the trust company.

The prize is paid to the bearer of the original ticketthat is, to the person who shows it at the point of sale or at the escrow office, as has already been said previously, the ticket must be in perfect condition.

To claim your prize you only need to present the ticket and your identification document.

It is important to mention that In no case does Baloto request money or any type of remuneration to cash in the prize..

As for prizes, Baloto claims to have awarded more than 1.8 billion pesos in prizes to more than a hundred Colombian winners.

Like several lotteries in the world, part of Baloto’s profits end up in public assistance. In this sense, Baloto claims to have delivered 1.4 billion pesos to the health sector in Colombia.

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