I live for rent and the air conditioning has broken. Who is responsible for repairs according to the law?

When signing a rental contract, it is important that all conditions comply with current regulations in Spain. The Urban lease law (LAU) keeps the real estate market in order, so that owners and tenants household rented companies have their rights and obligations.

However, it can always happen that there are conflicts between both parties when some conditions falter. And it is essential that lessors and tenants know the regulations in force at the LAU to find out what the law says on various topics. For example, one of the most common: arrangement of repairs of appliances in the home.

Who makes repairs to a rental home?

If we want to know what the law says about repairs in a rental home, it is necessary that we read the current regulations. The LAU establishes the rules to follow in housing rental agreements. And if an appliance breaks down, it is important to know who should be in charge of repairing it.

Who handles repairs in rental housing?
Who handles repairs in rental housing?

For example, now that summer is coming, who will be in charge of air conditioning repairs? According to the current law in Spain: «The lessor is obliged to carry out, without the right to increase the rent, all the repairs that are necessary to keep the home in habitable conditions to serve the agreed use.

Now, the tenant He will have to take charge of the repairs as long as it is his fault or the negligence of him or those close to him. And in certain cases, the landlord is not responsible for the minor repairs due to wear of the daily use of the home, these are the responsibility of the tenant.

Who is responsible for air conditioning repair?

He air-conditioning or heating are electrical devices that are used constantly in summer and winter. This makes it very common from time to time to review them in case something needs to be done. small repairs in its operating system.

According to experts, these two air conditioning devices may be the reason why the electricity bill skyrockets. The fact that it works correctly will ensure that your electricity expenditure is adequate, since it will be on how and for as long as you estimate.

In any case, experts recommend that if the air conditioning is used a lot and is old, it is best to repair it after 5 years. So in the event that the tenant makes normal use of this device, the owner of the rental property must pay the expenses of repairs.

He normal use of air conditioning It can cause it to break down in the long term, so they are not payments that the tenant must face. As long as they are not the result of misuse by the tenant of the home, or intentional damage by the tenant.

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