At which ATMs can I withdraw money if I have a NuBank account?

At which ATMs can I withdraw money if I have a NuBank account?
At which ATMs can I withdraw money if I have a NuBank account?

In it Colombian financial market There is a growing number of options for opening savings accounts. They include everything from traditional banks to new entities such as NuBank, founded by David Velez.

NuBank It stands out for being a completely digital entity, offering an alternative to traditional banks. The bank has also announced that it will have its savings account at the end of the semester, which will have earnings of up to 13% annual cash0 for handling fee, transfers to other banks at no cost, and 24/7 customer service.

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Given this scenario, a large majority of citizens have joined the bank and have decided to join the Nu community, making many wonder if it is possible to make bank withdrawals from a ATM, Because it is 100% digital, as in the case of NuBank, it is little known to do so.

NuBank ATM Withdrawals – What Should You Consider?

With the NuBank debit cardsit can be done at any ATM that belongs to the ATM network. Mastercard ATMs. However, these have a additional charge of $6,800 in Colombiawhile international ATMs may have fees that they do not charge in Nu.

At Nu we don’t have ATMs because we were born digital. For us, the future is digital and finance does not have to be the exception. We know that technology is the perfect tool to give people back control of their money through an intuitive and easy-to-use app,” the bank mentions on its website.

Please note that if you have a NuBank credit card, You can withdraw up to $2,700,000 in the same day, This is if you have that space available.

“The top It is set as a protection measure for your money. Furthermore, abroad, ATMs usually have that maximum limit,” the bank acknowledges.

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Savings account at NuBank

In order to register for the launch list, interested parties must be of legal age and residents in Colombia. If you meet the requirements, you can go to and carry out the process.

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