OPPORTUNITY: CARS are auctioned at GIFT prices how to participate?

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A unique opportunity to acquire a vehicle will open in the next few days when auction from $1.4 million more than 180 units including pick-ups, sedans, trucks and vans: how to participate in the event and buy at the lowest prices.

The auction will be carried out on the online platform Narvaezbid and The vehicles come from being used as part of corporate fleets or directly from the stock of different automotive companies.which will allow bidders to start from a very low value.

It must be taken into account that The price with which to start the auction of $1,400,000 is not even 10% of what the car is worth at 0 km. cheaper in Argentina, since it is above $16,000,000.

The car auction at very low prices

Any user can participate for free. Anyway, It is necessary to register on the website and then validate the user. Offers can be received until the day and time agreed upon for the closing of the auction. In case someone bids very close to the closing time, 3 extra minutes will be added to the detailed clock.

Car auction at low prices: how to participate

Between the auctions (already available to receive offers) there are sedans, pick-ups, vans and trucks, both in condition pre-owned as used either injured. There are models (a Volkswagen Gol) that start at $1.4 million.

At one of the events, ford finish a repertoire of 30 vehicles: different models with various versions of equipment, many in pre-owned condition and some to be patented.

Any person or company can participate in the auctions for free. For this you have to check in on the website and, once the user has been validated, the possibility of bidding is enabled.

The units They are sold directly transferred to the buyer and can consulted online. Although, if the interested party wishes, it is also possible to coordinate a visit to Narvaezbid beach, located in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, or at other exhibition points.

What vehicles are auctioned

Among the most notable are different variants of Ranger pick-ups. Among them a Raptor version from 2021 and Ranger 4×4 and 4×2 in their XLT, XLS, XL and FX4 versions. There will also be a new Ranger Limited Plus and LTD.

One of the most required models is the Territory of the years 2021 and 2022. The market value of a similar unit with approximately 30,000 kilometers, like the one published at auction, is between u$s 29,000 yu$s $35,000while, in the finale, the price (basic) is $12.6 million, Narvaezbid highlighted.


Among other events, there is an auction of 18 units belonging to the YPF fleetLocated in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and La Pampa.

Available models include second and third generation Focus, as well as some Fiesta, in hatch and sedan formats. Cobalt, Ranger and a damaged Polo complete the offer. In this case the offers They close on April 25.

On the other hand, agrochemistry Syngenta finish off the April 24 others five units. They include a Ford Transit Bus for passengers, in addition to Hilux pick-ups of the years 2018 and 2019 and a Focus III in hatchback format, located in San Fernando, Buenos Aires.

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