Accumulate points by tanking your car with Terpel

Live Terpel, the way to accumulate points and win prizes
Live Terpel, the way to accumulate points and win prizes.

Terpel has renewed its customer loyalty program with its application Live Terpel. Now you can earn free gallons of fuel, get food at Altoque stores, subscriptions to streaming platforms like Netflix, among other gifts.

Although fuel has increased in price in the country, a good way to save is by obtaining points from Terpel, the largest gas station in the country.

How do I have Terpel points?

The first thing you should do is enter the platform or the Vive Terpel App and register with your data (reference code: QW0TTOCz).

Remember that you can accumulate points when you buy at Terpel or Altoque stations, although it is clarified that not all Terpel stations are linked to the points accumulation system.

Your points have an expiration date, that is, 1 year after your purchase they disappear if you do not redeem them.

Vive Terpel Alliance with LATAM

The gas station made an alliance with the LATAM airline where you can convert Terpel points into LATAM Pass miles.

As Terpel explains, every 10 Vive points are equivalent to 1 LATAM Pass mile.

But Terpel also joined Avianca’s Lifemiles, where you can change to miles from 500 points.

Vive Terpel Catalog

In the catalog section you can find what you can redeem with your points.

Altoque Bonds: from 400 points you can find 45g Todo Rico potatoes, water, Trident gum, Snickers chocolate bar, Monster, cold Latte, cold Milo, Cheese Sandwich, hot dog, Gatorade.

fuel bonds: You can redeem discounts on your next fuel purchase, discounts from $1,000 pesos to $100 thousand pesos.

The simplest bonus reduces you $1,000 pesos if you redeem 300 points and the most significant $100,000 pesos if you redeem 30,000 points.

Allied bonuses: You can find bonuses for Netflix, Cencosud, Spotify and Mimo’s ice cream.

NGV Vouchers: Just like gasoline, there are also discounts for natural gas, from $3,000 pesos to $15,000 pesos.

Can I win something extra?enter the following referral code: QW0TTOCz at the time of registration.

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