The Ara hooks that help you save space in the closet Are they good?

Although most of the products in this store are good and affordable, this one in particular received some criticism. It’s innovative but it wouldn’t be useful

Finding innovative items in ‘low cost’ stores is very common, in fact, they expand their market more every day due to the imminent success of their proposal. A perfect example is Ara, a company that by 2023 had around 1,227 stores in various departments of the country. That is why many people use social networks to review their products. We tell you what they say about the Ara hooks.

The content creator ‘elmandelosdiscuentos’ which is characterized by reviewing products from stores such as Dollarcity, D1, Ara, Amazon, among other things related to the Colombian economy. He took on the task of buying the famous “Transformers” hooks that promise to get smaller and save space in his closet.

Basically its limbs can be left open or closed if nothing is hanging, but the content creator’s point is that it still takes up space in the closet and doesn’t save any space. However, to use them as normal hooks without any expectations, they are fine since it comes with six hooks for $10,000 pesos. But in reality they do not fulfill their purchase promise.

@elmandelosdescuentos See these are the hooks to hang the new season’s clothes at Ara. Here is my humble and sincere review. #tiendasra #aracolombia #ropahooks #descuentoscolombia #hogarcolombia ♬ original sound – El Man De Los Discounts

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