AI provides 7 practical tips for older adults looking for work – En Cancha

AI provides 7 practical tips for older adults looking for work – En Cancha
AI provides 7 practical tips for older adults looking for work – En Cancha

May 2, 2024 at 10:41 hrs.

Many may be scared by the Artificial intelligence for fear that it could “steal our jobs.” However, used correctly, It is extremely useful to help us solve problems, and even to find employment.

In the case of the older adultsit can be a little more difficult to find these positions, especially due to their age, so AI provides some advice on how to do it.

Seven tips from Artificial Intelligence for older adults looking for work

Specifically ChatGPTgave us these recommendations for older adults who are looking for work

1.- Highlight your knowledge from other times. While this may sound like a negative, used correctly it can mean that you deliver unique perspectives based on your experiences.

2.- Have knowledge about new technologieswhether software, hardware, social networks or any other digital tool you know, and show these to stand out.

3.- Take advantage of the programs and resources that the State provides for older adultssince many are focused on digital literacy (even if they are not specifically for the elderly), especially those taught by the National Training and Employment Service (Sence).

4.- When selling yourself to your potential new employer, it is key that Focus on the stability and loyalty that you can give them in the long term.for which you can bring out your history of staying in previous jobs, as well as your commitment to them.

5.- Put your hobbies, interests or skills in the spotlightusing them to your advantage to turn them into job opportunities.

6.- Another way in which you can gain experience in other skills is the volunteers. If you have the opportunity, Artificial Intelligence indicates that you should take advantage of them, as they can even mean long-term paid job opportunities.

7.- It happens a lot that employers may have fear of approaching retirementso you can take the initiative and address these concerns, highlighting your commitment to both your professional career and contributing to your workplace.

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