Financial dollars close the best week of the last quarter

Financial dollars close the best week of the last quarter
Financial dollars close the best week of the last quarter

The week ends with a day where free quotes remained stable. The blue today closed the same as yesterday and the financial markets operate differently but with slight modifications.

During the week, financial dollars, hand in hand with a new drop in rates and little supply in the cash market, closed the largest weekly increase in the last quarter.

The MEP dollar ended up advancing 3.25% ($33.6) to stay well above a blue that fell 15 pesos during the week. Meanwhile, the CCL rose 2.78% ($30) and was once again trading above $1,100.

The blue dollar closed this Friday at the same values ​​as yesterday. $1,010 for the purchase and $1,040 for the sale ($1,080 in San Juan), after having started the day with a drop of five pesos that was later reversed. Throughout the week the “blue” note fell 15 pesos or 1.5%, after having experienced increases in the previous three weeks.

With a wholesale dollar that advanced 3.50 pesos or 0.4% in the four operating wheels of the week, to $878.50, the exchange gap was reduced to 18.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the MEP dollar ended this Friday at $1,067.66, with a slight increase of three pesos compared to yesterday, while the cash with settlement fell five pesos to $1,115.40.

The value of the bill in Banco Nación is $897.50 and in the average of the banks it is $921.34.

The Central Bank has already purchased more than 15 billion dollars since December

The Central Bank bought US$144 million this Friday in a market that operated in line with the week about US$297.61 million, so it kept 48.5% of the currencies.

During the week it bought US$ 407 million. In the first two days of May US$ 305 million and since December 2023 it has already purchased US$ 15,029 million.

Gross reserves, meanwhile, increased by some 185 million as a result of purchases, and closed the week with a balance of US$28,374 million.

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