hates teleworking, but loves the silence, the lower labor costs and the retention of talent

hates teleworking, but loves the silence, the lower labor costs and the retention of talent
hates teleworking, but loves the silence, the lower labor costs and the retention of talent

Sam Altman has modulated his opinion regarding teleworking over the years

The CEO calls it “a mistake” but OpenAI maintains remote job offers due to labor costs and talent retention

OpenAI, creator of the popular ChatGPT, has opened its first office in Asia after the mess that its managers were involved in with the layoff fare, which finally ended with the triumphant return of its founder Sam Altman and the en bloc dismissal of the board of directors of the company.

With the opening of this new branch, OpenAI, but above all its CEO, Sam Altman, very critical of teleworking, make a firm commitment to in-person work.

AI doesn’t like distances. According to Reuters, the company that created ChatGPT has opened a new office in Tokyo, its first in Asia, after recently opening two more offices in London and Dublin. This in-person expansion movement is surprising due to the nature of the company, which would find it very easy to expand throughout the world with remote employees.

However, its CEO is a staunch enemy of teleworking. “I definitely think one of the biggest mistakes the tech industry made in a long time was believing that everyone could work completely remotely forever. That [los empleados de] “The startups did not need to be together, in person, and there would be no loss of creativity,” he said a few days ago at an event at Stripe in San Francisco.

…but he does like cheap labor and talent. Sam Altman’s contradiction comes into play when, according to Semaforthe company that created ChatGPT hires more than a thousand programmers in Eastern Europe and Latin America to work remotely creating code for its AI.

Despite the frontal rejection of its top manager, the company maintains certain unfilled remote vacancies for employees in its offices in New York and Europe. As pointed out in GenbetaAltman himself acknowledged that, even if you hate San Francisco, don’t let that stop you from “submitting your candidacy for OpenAI”

He also likes silence. The CEO of OpenAI argues his opinion against teleworking based on the supposed benefits for creativity and innovation of in-person work. However, Altman himself recognized in a message in .

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Consider it was an experiment. The CEO of OpenAI declared in Fortune who considered that teleworking had been an experiment during the pandemic. “I would say the experiment on that is over, and the technology is still not good enough that people can be completely remote forever, particularly in startups.”

Altman took advantage of the event to reaffirm his postulates for in-person work. “I’m a firm believer that startups need a lot of face-to-face time, and the more fragile, nuanced, and uncertain a set of ideas are, the more face-to-face time they need together.”

Let’s work together until AI takes over from us. Altman, like Elon Musk and many other heavyweights in the technology industry, does not sympathize with teleworking, and more and more large companies are advocating in-person work.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna has announced that he will stop hiring new remote positions until they can fill them with artificial intelligence in the coming years. The director of the technology company assured Fortune That, while it is true that these remote positions are just as productive as those from the office, recognizing that careers suffer if employees do not go to the office.

In Xataka | Valencia’s cafes are on the warpath against teleworking: they pay for a coffee and occupy a table for eight hours

Image | Wikimedia Commons (TechCrunch)

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