Vinegar to remove rust from pots and pans

Perform the home cleaning It requires at least one afternoon to carry out the proper cleaning, but we know that one of the spaces that many avoid is the kitchen, it is this area in which we usually invest more time to eliminate the accumulated grease and return it to the ideal shine. .

Washing the dishes is part of the cleaning tasks in the kitchen, so on many occasions we encounter challenges to remove dirt or rust from some utensils such as pots and pans. Before you decide to throw them away, we will give you a simple trick with which you can easily remove these marks of use using one ingredient: vinegar.

Vinegar is used for many purposes in the home. and one of them is to eliminate stains and adhered dirt, take note to know the procedure and how you can apply it to remove rust from your kitchen utensils.

Use vinegar to remove rust from your pans. Photo: Pexels/@leeloothefirst

How to remove rust from your pots and pans

  • Vinegar
  • Fiber for frets
  • Water


This cleaning trick is very simple, you will need a large and suitable container where you can immerse the pots and pans. Add equal amounts of water and vinegar, let the kitchen utensils soak for a couple of hours. Subsequently, rub the areas to be treated on your pots and pans with a dish cloth; you will notice that it will be very easy to remove the rust. Wash as usual and that’s it.

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