The sale of televisions in Spain grew by 60% this year

The sale of televisions in Spain grew by 60% this year
The sale of televisions in Spain grew by 60% this year

Madrid (EFE).- The sale of televisions has increased by 60% in Spain this year, driven by the blackout of television channels in standard quality (SD) and their transition to high definition (HD), as explained to EFE. Nacho Monge, director of the Consumer Electronics and Industry division of Samsung Spain.

According to its data, in the first 17 weeks of the year 1.3 million televisions have been sold, compared to 800,000 last year.

He has pointed out that the increase in sales is not entirely due to this blackout, but “a large majority” is due.

This increase could also have been influenced, as explained, by the fact that the effects of Covid-19 on television sales are being diluted, taking into account that if in a normal year, the sale of televisions is 3 million in Spain , with the pandemic they shot up to 3.5 million.

A woman looks at a Samsung brand television in a store. EFE/Alfredo Aldai

This growth meant that in the following two years, in 2022 and 2023, sales did not reach 2.5 million.

The increase in sales has been especially noticeable from mid-January to mid-March. The blackout occurred on February 14.

Thus, in the week of the blackout, the seventh of the year, sales multiplied by three.

The growth in sales is still noticeable and last week they increased by 40%.

The sale of televisions less than 43 inches doubled

As explained, the increase in sales has especially affected televisions less than 43 inches, which are usually located in secondary spaces of the house, taking into account that larger ones are located in the living room and are usually more modern.

Thus, the market for televisions smaller than 43 inches has grown almost 100% in this period, and sales have gone from 400,000 televisions to 800,000.

While sales of large format devices grew between 20 or 25%.

Now second homes and football

Monge expects this market to continue growing this year, taking into account that televisions will now begin to be replaced in second homes, an increase in sales that will also be boosted by the Euro Cup, which usually affects large and higher quality devices.

When this restructuring of the channels occurred, more than 98% of the devices already allowed HD services.

However, if the appliance was more than ten years old, it may not have the capability to do so.

For the latter case, there were two options, change the television or buy an external decoder compatible with the new high definition DTT.

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