How much can you earn with the CALESITA FIXED TERM in 6 months, according to the City guru

How much can you earn with the CALESITA FIXED TERM in 6 months, according to the City guru
How much can you earn with the CALESITA FIXED TERM in 6 months, according to the City guru

He dollar is ironed, the inflation low and rates They continue to decline, so savers are looking for alternatives to at least beat the rise in prices in the economy. Thus, a new version of the strategy of fixed-term investment UVA “calesita”, or staggeredwhich is tied to this last variable, and which can offer more than 40% profitability in just six months.

It is based on the realization of a bank deposit that adjusts for UVA, which reflects the consumer price index (CPI), whose period of reserve of the deposited money is 180 days.

A very long time for such a changing Argentina and for a time when inflation was 25.5% in December and began to decline abruptly month after month until it reached around 8% in last April’s projections.

In fact, Throughout 2024, a UVA fixed term already yields around 100%That is, in just over 4 months the saver earned double the money placed. And it surpasses, by drag, current inflation. It is also the most winning investment of the year.

Beyond that, the fixed term UVA “Calesita” or “escalado” is a medium-term bet for investors who consider that inflation will continue to beat the rate in pesos, regardless of the decrease in all variables.

In fact, a traditional fixed term is paying 3.29% at 30 days (40% TNA), while the price index more than doubles it.

“According to our consultant, “The estimated inflation for the next 6 months would be around 40% annually, which is equal to the rate of a traditional fixed term in an entire year,” details to iProfesional Salvador Di Stefanomarket analyst and creator of this “carriage” or “staggered” investment strategy.

The UVA “carry-go” or “staggered” fixed term allows you to beat low inflation, but you must wait a minimum of 180 days to start obtaining results.

And according to him Survey of Market Expectations (REM) of various economists, which the Central Bank has just published, For this year, inflation of 161.3% year-on-year is expected, which means a decline of 28 percentage points in relation to what was projected in the survey published last April.

What is the UVA “calesita” fixed term like now?

He fixed term “calesita” (also called “staggered”) It consists of constituting six UVA placements for the same amount in each case, but for different periods of time.

The strategy of this investment mechanism is that after waiting the minimum 180 days required for the mandatory reserve for this instrument, every 30 days the renewal of one of the placements begins to be carried out consecutively..

In summary, A total of 6 fixed UVA deadlines are made andn pre-cancelable format, which can be established one every 30 days or all at the same time but with different periods, with the purpose of having a consecutive expiration each month.

In all cases, The initial amount should be the same, For example, each placement can be done for a few 100,000 pesos.

“After 180 days, the carousel begins to take place and one placement expires per month. In the meantime, in those six months of waiting, with the capital that has not yet been invested, traditional fixed terms of 30 days can be made to wait and generate returns until the new monthly UVA placement must be made.” , details Di Stefano.

Or, as mentioned, the 6 fixed installments can be made at the same time for different extended periods, so that one ends each month after the minimum 6-month reserve requirement has been met. In this way, they must be set to: 180, 210, 240, 270, 300 and 330 days. That is to say:

-He first UVA fixed term 180 days.

-He second to 210 days.

-He third to 240 days

-He room to 270 days.

-He fifth to 300 days.

-And the sixth to 330 days.

The UVA fixed term allows you to beat inflation, and also the current interest rate of the traditional fixed term and the dollar.

“We continue to recommend the 6-month UVA fixed term”details Di Stefano.

Staggered UVA fixed term: what to take into account

This tool precancellable fixed term in Purchasing Value Units (UVA) is an investment option 180 days minimum of reserve, where some banks put the limitation that the investment cannot exceed $5 million per client.

At the same time, the “precancellable” option allows you to withdraw funds after 30 days of making each deposit. Of course, if this early “exit” of this investment is required, the adjustment for accumulated inflation (UVA) will not be received, but rather the prepayment rate, which today is barely 20% of the annual nominal rate (TNA).

Consequently, this will achieve a rent of 1.64% every 30 days, a figure very low regarding the consumer price index (CPI), around the 8% projected by economists for last April.

At the same time, UVA fixed terms can be made for a period of between 180 and 365 days.

To calculate the income, these deposits take the inflation measured in the 90 days before and in the 90 days after having made the placement.

The mechanics of fixed term “calesita” or “escalita” is that at the time of registering the first maturity, at 180 days, it is renewed with the interest earned in all that time for the minimum period required by the system, which is precisely 6 months.

This way capital is accumulatingthe problem is the progressive decline in inflation and find out what will happen to him dollar price and interest rates in the coming months.-

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