The airline from which Avianca had to borrow planes will now be an ally of its Abra Group

The Spanish charter company Wamos, specialized in leasing aircraft, will be at the disposal of the British holding company so that they have a sufficient fleet assured.

During the first half of 2023, Avianca was forced to temporarily suspend its Bogotá – Los Angeles route and was struggling to meet its obligations on other international routes. The reason? Their planes could not cope despite having a fleet of almost 200. Domestic or short-distance flights were never a problem, since they use a wide variety of aircraft models. However, since 2021 they made the decision that their long flights were going to be made solely and exclusively with Boeing 787 and those were the ones that were in short supply.

The solution they found was simple. Since they could not rely solely on their own planes, they had to borrow and therefore turned to Wamos, a Spanish charter airline that is also dedicated to leasing wide-body aircraft to other airlines. Through a model known as Wet-Lease, that is, a lease for a short period that occurs in cases of urgency, Avianca was able to meet the needs of its fleet while carrying out the largest investment in its history. whose purpose was precisely not to be left in a situation like that again.

The new business between Avianca and Wamos

Now, with its former CEO Adrian Neuhauser installed in the United Kingdom taking the reins of the Abra Group, a holding company that they created together with the Brazilian airline Gol to increase their operations and compete even more aggressively in Latin America, Avianca made a strategic decision that consists where everything stays at home.

The Group reached an agreement with Enrique Saiz, CEO of Wamos, to ensure the provision of its services for both Avianca and Gol so that both can expand their capacity and so that their fleets never experience shortages again.

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