Reports of incidents in transportation applications raise alarms among users

Reports of incidents in transportation applications raise alarms among users
Reports of incidents in transportation applications raise alarms among users

Daily, Millions of Colombians use transportation applications as a very useful alternative to get around. Users choose them and trust that the drivers who provide this service undergo filters in order to offer customers the greatest security, but in the last year, An increasing number of people have contacted Séptimo Día to express that they have been victims of accidents, thefts and even sexual harassment. In some cases, Juan Carlos Villani was able to establish that the driver who arrived to pick up a passenger was not the same person who was registered on the platform.

One of the cases that illustrates this reality is that of Laura Alejandra Sarmiento Vega, a journalist from the radio station La Bogotá: “they generated confidence in me and I had always been very good with the people who drove vehicles.”

She, like thousands of Colombians, frequently gets around using the service of transportation applications, but on February 16, 2024, when, according to her, she needed to go from her home to a medical appointment, she requested a transportation service through her cell phone. “I took an application from the DiDi platform and then I took a motorcycle,” says the announcer.

The trip began normally, but there was an accident on the 80th Street bridge over Boyacá Avenue. “He hit the back of a taxi, he managed to grab the motorcycle, but the one that was completely thrown off the motorcycle was me,” Laura Sarmiento told Séptimo Día.

The announcer points out that after hitting the taxi she fell on the pavement badly beaten and assures that something she never imagined happened: “the person approaches the motorcycle, He tells me ‘get up, nothing happened to you, get up’. I was waiting for him to help me, he bends down and takes off my helmet in the worst possible way, the motorcyclist before leaving passes the motorcycle over me to begin his escape “.

Laura was on the floor for several minutes and says that someone called an ambulance and in the meantime decided to record a video of what was happening. Almost an hour later, according to Laura, an ambulance arrived: “He had multiple bruises on his lower limbs, his elbow, hand, shoulder, wrist were completely loose, his leg was very bad.”

The journalist points out that in addition to abandoning her and not responding, the driver was not the one who appeared in the application’s profile.. Seventh Day he requested an interview with the application manager, but it was not possible to contact him. Through a statement they indicated: “DiDi carried out the appropriate follow-up and made all possible support available to the user,” but for Laura Sarmiento this was not the case.

The lack of regulation on transportation platforms in Colombia has led to various irregularities that affect users. Likewise, the lack of rigor in the affiliation process apparently allows anyone to offer the service, evidencing the need for greater supervision and control on these platforms.

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