April inflation is known: expectation that it will return to single digits – News

April inflation is known: expectation that it will return to single digits – News
April inflation is known: expectation that it will return to single digits – News

The Indec will announce this Tuesday the 14th the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for April, which the Government and private consultants expect to continue the downward path and be in single digits, after five consecutive months in double figures.

The inflation index continues to accentuate its fall in recent weeks and this would be reflected in the indicator for the fourth month of the year, which, like in February and March, would represent a decrease with respect to the previous measurement, according to private estimates and expectations. governmental.

The Market Expectations Survey (REM), prepared by the Central Bank based on private estimates, calculated that inflation in April reached 9% and projected a price increase of 161.3% for the year, which is equivalent to a drop of 28 percentage points compared to what was forecast last month.

In the middle of last week, the official inflation indicator in the City of Buenos Aires was published, which is usually taken into account as an advance of the national data, registering an increase of 9.8% in April, and accumulated an increase of 292, 5% in the last 12 months. During the first four months of the year, inflation was 72.6%.

Private measurements, for their part, are between 7.7% and 9.5%. The consulting firm C&T revealed that in April there was a price increase of 8.7%, while core inflation, which leaves aside regulated and seasonal prices, was 6.9% in the month, the lowest since July of last year .

In the case of Eco Go, they revealed that inflation for the fourth month of the year would be between 8% and 9%, although they clarified that if the increase in prepaid payments does not ultimately impact, it will be in the order of 7%. In addition, they stated that between December and January almost 90% of prices rose every week, while now that percentage has dropped to 40%.

The consulting firm Invecq, meanwhile, reported that the inflation corresponding to the month of April was 9.5% monthly, being the highest figure. On the other hand, the ESEADE CPI registered a monthly increase of 7.7% in April, reflecting the lowest variation.

On the LCG side, the Price Survey had “records significantly lower than those of March and, once the increases in regulated prices are computed, we see a non-negligible probability that April inflation will be in single digits, at 9 %”.

At the same time, the work indicated that “in this recessive framework, food inflation in April marked a clear slowdown, even with deflation in some products.”

The index prepared by the Freedom and Progress Foundation showed an increase of 8.4% in April, slowing down 2.6 percentage points compared to the official measurement in March (11%).

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